Saturday, February 08, 2014

Late Winter Jukebox Song #3....Pay Them Their Money Down!


The last time I saw Pete Seeger, in 1986, it didn't cost me a dime.

So I figure I owe him.


I figure I owe a lot of people.

And I'll be damned if, just because I'm doing alright these days, that I'm going to let the Snooklandians and their ilk pull up the ladder on all those people just so the ilk and the assorted sundry cronies can get even richer than Richie Rich ever was.


'Pay Me' is, apparently, an old slave ship song...Pete and the other Weavers did it in 1955...Bruce and the Gang did it in 2006...E. and I do it now too.
Did I miss anybody...How about Paramedics?....Librarians?....Canada Line Tunnel Digger Workers?

Other singles in the 'Late Winter Jukebox' so far are....

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And, finally....If you're still looking for those Holiday Advent Tunes (and judging by hitcounter, which has now crested 150,000,  a select group of you are), you can find them if you scroll on down the page... They are also archived, top to bottom.....Here



Anonymous said...

"Pay me..." Very nice Ross--an appropriate anthem for the hundreds of paramedics who have filed grievances for not being paid for work performed:

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

I'm on it.