Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Did Mr. Horgan Just Clear The Tracks For...


I dunno for sure.

And, regardless, I'm pretty sure the punditry will focus their attention on a shiny thing called Gregor for a news cycle or three.


But this I do know...

Horgan would have been a heckuva premier.

And I think he would have been a fine, not to mention feisty, campaigner.

But there is all that 'old guard' baggage to consider.

Which just might be telling us something about the extent of the coming changing of that old guard.

Which could, I think, really and truly be a good thing electorally.

And don't forget - I'm no party insider....So those of you who are may want to have a go of it in the comments...



e.a.f. said...

Gregor Robertson? Please, he's fucked up the city of vancouver, lets not let him do it to the whole province. Mayor Moonbeam we don't need.

Eby hasn't the experience and will turn too many people off. Nathan Cullen, perhpas, but not so sure. Horgan would have made a good transition leader. We may not have heard the last of it. There isn't much out there right now, within the party. Unless they have someone coming from outside, we could be doomed.

There maybe a mayor somewhere, but who knows. there are still 4 more years to go.

persey said...

I have never voted NDP but was prepared to vote Horgan for premier as the most electable person to oppose Clark.

The NDP have now shot themselves in the ass (again) by going with whom they think might be best for the party instead of who might be most electable.

Congrats on handing the corrupt Liberals another 4 years.

Kim said...

Not necessarily.

Imagine what Nathan Cullen and Horgan could do on the floor. Together.

That could well lead to the revolution we need.

I think Horgan is listening to the people. And he can do much as house leader or Minister. Plus, he's my MLA and I am happy to have him in my corner of the woods.

Anonymous said...

There is not anyone governing or in opposition that is not imo corrupt and bought and paid for by the big facist corporates...and that would be federally, provincially and municipally. I do not include independents in this group yet.

Not enough experience??? Who the hell wants an "experienced politician" when their experience is looking after themselves and their corporate buddies and never ever the good people of BC who they have all sold out since May 2001 and still continue to this day. They are literally destroying OUR province and giving OUR resources and all OUR assets to their gangster buds. Jail would be too good for all of this garbage...and the charge would be called treason. Check out Laila's 164 reasonsb(I think last I read) NOT to vote for a BC Liar and the NDP could not come up with ONE during their phony campaign.
Life long CCF'r and NDP'r but never again until there is a new REAL LABOUR PEOPLE party. No more corporatocracies no more corporate welfare thank you very much. Vote but vote independent.
Until there is a complete cleansing we must stop paying them any taxes and then a real revolution must begin if it's not too late already.
Viva la Freedom which sadly we have lost.
I would like to see Grant Rice run for the leader of a new party for the people. This man ran for council against Dianne Watt's corporate $700,000.00 slate (which she said were independents) campaign in the last bought and paid for Surrey municipal so-called election.

Anonymous said...

Cleared for Eby, Cullen, Fleming, Mungall, Herbert, Robertson. If Fleming runs, Farnworth loses a lot of the support and organization Fleming brought to the table last outing, and becomes a no-hoper. Without Horgan in the race, a lot of 2011 support (Horgan/Dix) has to find a new home, and Farnworth ain't it. It's wide open skies now. Any leadership election date in 2014 means a premium on candidates (read, current caucus) who can get out of the gates and declare early to lock up new members, financing and endorsements. 2015 would throw things completely open.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to this, than meets the eye.

Christy Clark, the evil Harper and Red China are, building a refinery near Kitimat. How is that oil going to get to the refinery? That's why most BC people laughed at Christy when, she laid down the rules and laws for the Enbridge pipeline. We knew Christy had lied and favored the Enbridge pipeline, right from day one.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper and have always done so. As far as Canada goes.

This country will be a Fascist Dictatorship because of Harper. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper had hired Wolfgang Droege as, security for Preston Manning.

Harper has utterly destroyed our one good and decent country. Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Harper has not one, saving grace? He is evil trough and through.

I wonder which country Harper will run away to, this next Armistice Day as he did last year. Harper most certainly not welcome, this year either.

RossK said...

Thanks all, for the input.

Personally, I hope Kim is right.


scotty on denman said...

I wasn't quite a grandfather when Carl Perkins laid his telecaster down for the last time. Long before that, on the very cusp of breaking big, he stepped aside to let a young and promising upstart forge a new sound out of his seminal Blue Suede Shoes, thereafter fostering lifelong friendships with the super stars who'd made millions covering his songs without a hint of envy. Loved and respected after settling for a modest career, opening for or backing many bigger names on stage or as studio session man and returning in ernest to the simple gospel music that'd held him in good stead since his share-cropper youth, Perkins earned the name The Gentleman of Rock and Roll.

Yeah, sure, I'm a little bummed at John Horgan's announcement ( I supported him for leader the last time) but making room for younger candidacies is an honourable tradition. Besides, rock 'n'roll will never die---just ask my grandchildren.

off-the-radar said...

Horgan is a very fine man and would have made a helluva premier. I sure wish he had won the NDP leadership in 2011. I would be feeling more hopeful if he was leading the province at this critical point in history.

However John is right not to run again, it is time for new blood for leader. I respect his integrity and admire his political insight. Sure hope he stays on as MLA and future Cabinet Minister! He should be the interim leader right this very instant and the leadership convention deferred to 2015.

RossK said...


If that's really what's going down I'm pretty sure Mr. Horgan would appreciate the analogy.


Interesting idea otr--

Anything to the interim leadership idea?


RossK said...

Just got out of the cigar tube and am now catching up...

I see the Dean is kinda/sorta signaling the interim leader possibility.


kootcoot said...

" Please, he's fucked up the city of vancouver, lets not let him do it to the whole province. Mayor Moonbeam we don't need."

I'm no Gregor fan, but he would have to be premier for life to match the amount of harm the last former mayor of Vancouver did as premier. Then again, maybe no one could match Capo Gordo because after Gordo and Christy there won't be much left to destroy of our once fine province.

RossK said...


Speaking of the Capo and various assorted sundry underlingish types...

The Spur Line was in the 'news' again this week.

Which brought back memories of this lovely conversation that was recorded by the Horsemen in days gone by....

David Basi: "So basically, um, what we have is the draft RFP."

Bruce Clark: "Okay."

Basi: "Um, that uh, we have t' make changes and y'know, uh, um, we can draft it anyway we want now, right: so..."

Clark: "Whose, wh', whose hands is it in?"

Basi: "It's, it's in our hands right now."

Clark: "Okay."

Basi: "Uh, and then it'll go back to transportation. And then they'll look at it and then they'll uh, um, issue the official RFP."

Clark: "Okay. What are the time lines like?"

Basi: "Uh, two weeks."

Basi: "So, I can sit on this thing for two weeks. So if you come back next week then you can take it and look at it, show it to them. They can, they can, y'know, change some of the words around, that's obviously, some buzz words they wanna see in there, right?"

Clark: "Yeah."

Basi: "And these, these companies know how to, how to, y'know, get the fluff out of this shit and how to tailor it to themselves, right?"

Clark: "Of course."

....{snippety doo-dah}....

Clark: "Wonder, wonder if it would be better if you got it couriered from here or not?"

Basi: "I don't care. Whatever you want. I don't care."

Clark: "Okay, well maybe I'll get you to courier it to Europe for me, or something."

Basi: "You want me to courier it to Europe?"

Clark: "Sure, you could do that."

.....{snippety doodle-dandy}....

Clark: "Or uh, or, or can it be faxed or something or?"

Basi: "Oh it can be faxed, yeah. Do you wanna give me a fax, secure fax number?"

Clark: "Yeah, I'll get you a secure fax number and we can do it that way."

Basi: "Yeah, you get me a fax number and I'll fax it to you.

Clark: "Sounds great my friend."