Friday, March 14, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Anton Emergency.


A lot of folks, a number of our readers included, have noted that the leader of Snookland threw her Justice Minister Suzanne Anton under the bus the other day when she dragged John Les away from the pork barrel.

But have no fear, Ms. Always Campaigning has an explanation for why she initially handed Mr. Les that six figure chunk of back bacon without putting it out to tender.

Rob Shaw, in the VSun has the money quote:

...“That is not a bypassing of government procurement rules,” Anton said. “Government procurement rules allow government to choose people in certain circumstances.”...


Did she really mean to say 'procurement' or 'prosciuttio'?


What, exactly, are those 'circumstances' that the Snooklandian currently in charge of laws 'n stuff used to justify the attempt to secretly dole out all that thinly sliced ham?

Well, Mr. Shaw got to the bottom of that one too.

Sort of:

...Anton’s ministry pointed to the Emergency Program Act, which lets the minister enter into agreements to develop or implement emergency plans. That act mainly covers B.C.’s reaction after it declares a state of emergency...

Don't know about you, but I sure don't remember any big earthquakes recently.

There was, however, that wee bit of wind late last week that could have mussed up the hair of a few key Snooklandians and thus addled a few of their minds even further.

Does that count?

Now, after giving the almost always diligent Mr. Shaw credit for his piece, there was one thing in there that really bugged me...Which was the fogging of Mr. Les' history...Specifically, down in the part of the piece where few readers go (i.e. the bottom) he tells us a bit of Mr. Les' backstory with the Knotty Gordians and the fact that he was once the mayor of Chilliwack...Nowhere, however, does Mr. Shaw's let readers know that Mr. Les was  forced to resign from the BC Liberal government due to goings on in and around Chilliwack that occurred while he was the mayor....Now, of course, Mr. Shaw may have had that detail in his original copy and someone up the chain may have made a decision to remove it....Still...



North Van's Grumps said...


Don't know about you, but I sure don't remember any big earthquakes recently.

Actually RossK there has been substantial movement on that front:

Canada Earthquakes

Western Canada aka British Columbia Earthquakes

North Van's Grumps said...


Of concern to British Columbians, and Alberta downstream, is the idea that Site C is a safe environment to build at...... when it would consistently appear to be upstream by a few kilometers from major shakes... earthquake variety.

a Grand Canyon II in Alberta/NorthWest

Anonymous said...

Will Stink-eye Clark set the sharks on Anton? As the blood-letting begins, so too, Palace intrigues must be gaining velocity.

Can Suzi still count on a homie?

Will the High Fliptress flip the flopper?

fyi @Grumps--Hanford, as well as many residential communities are below this (yikes!):

Anonymous said...

OK...this is getting old, next time will i.d. moiself at the top!

Unknown said...

Ms. Anton's ham-fisted "explanation" of how Les was able to again sink his porcine snout into the ever flowing public trough is one of the reasons why the Legislature needs to sit on a regular basis. This whole hog disdain for the rules is enough to make even the Bacon brothers blush.

Anonymous said...

SH: Let the buryin' begin: Liberal spiders just spammed bcpoli with TEN! consecutive comminiques "from" Terry Lake.

Anonymous said...

SH: Broke my rule and am listening to the Goodlettes.

Yup, there must be blood in the water...Good just played a clip of talk show Barbie slammin' the Falcon for his ferry rate hikes + a few more (rare) gemlets not to be missed...

e.a.f. said...

every time Anton steps in front of the mike you wonder where her brains are.

More for Les, yes, that's the lieberal way,. watch for him to be "rewarded" with something else. How else will they keep him from talking?

G West said...

Y'know, I'm still not at all convinced that Miss Christy wasn't in on this from the get go. I've been told, on good authority, that there are four people in the Premier's office who have - in the run-up to the current legislative session (such as it is) - gotten used to over-ruling any and all ministers (including De Jong). People in the professional civil service - meaning the non-OIC ranks - have related such happenings more than once since May 2013. I should also mention that a not-insignificant and swelling number of those long-term professionals are contacting the pension bureau in order to explore their options.

Anonymous said...

SH: While Rome burns:

Christy Clark ‏@christyclarkbc · 3h
Beautiful BC today. @RobertGhiz, come visit any time. We’re rolling out the cherry blossoms for you. #explorebc

Anonymous said...

SH: did anyone else know about this or are we being TILMA'd?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

After they got re-elected last year, despite being half drowned in a sea of their own sleaze, can you really blame them for hiring one of their old half drowned rats since ethical political behaviour is as devalued in this province as it is any where in the world?