Thursday, December 17, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Guess Spiderman Was Busy.


From the esteemed boss of the Lotuslandian Legislative Press Gallery, Mr. Tom Fletcher, in the Black Press:

B.C. Liberal Party executive director Laura Miller has resigned and returned to Ontario to face criminal charges stemming from deletion of government email records belonging to the Ontario government...


...Miller posted a statement on her Twitter account Thursday, saying she has retained lawyer Clayton Ruby to defend her...

'Nuff said?

Well....You know....And, double well...Ontario!
One can only wonder how much it pained the good Mr. Fletcher to write the piece linked to, above.
Tip 'O The Toque to reader Keith E. for the heads-up!



Anonymous said...

Who you going to call.?
delete busters.

Anonymous said...

Among the things Prem. CC has said about the fabulous Ms. Miller:

"She is a person of absolutely sterling character, and she works incredibly hard for our party and for our province"

"She is a person of integrity, and of course you know she’s not the target of this investigation."

Keep those top of mind for when the disavowals begin.

North Van's Grumps said...

Laura Miller takes a different view of NOT saying "It's before the courts. No comment". Miller spews out a vendetta against the investigating police officers on Twitter. Is she doing it upon the advice of her lawyer?

Unknown said...

So sad that Tom Fletchisaurus lost a friend, but to me Christmas came early this year, what with the timely demise of the west coast career of Laura Miller. Hopefully she took her ethically and occupationally challenged boyfriend with her, Peter (Sure I'll do that for ten grand) Faist.

Must be a Liberal thing: when you've been called out for illegal and immoral activities you strike out at those tasked with upholding laws and good behaviour.

Grant G said...

"Bring on the gimp"

Merv Adey ‏@MervAdey · 16m16 minutes ago

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Merv Adey added,

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Global BC @GlobalBC What it means for the BC Liberal party following Laura Miller’s departure via @keithbaldrey

‏@Realmediavoices @MervAdey KeithBladrey`s report failed to connect Libs triple delete scandal to Millar`s deletions in Ontario, SAD, not one dot connected

Anonymous said...

Laura Miller's attack on the integrity of the OPP investigation is taking on shades of the "OJ Simpson defense". If it worked for murder, deleted E-mails should be a piece of cake.