Friday, December 11, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Nevermind The Plecas.


This just in from Richard Zussman of the MoCo:

The Ministry of Children and Family Development will get more money if that is what an independent review calls for — but the money will only be available if the economy has grown, says B.C. Premier Christy Clark.

"We don't have the resources to fix those problems unless we grow the economy," Clark said in a year-end interview with CBC legislative reporter Richard Zussman....


Nevermind  that already-in-the-bag 'review' from the good Mr. Plecas.

Because what is really disturbing here is the rationale for not bringing resources to bear to fix the MCFD immediately.

As in right now.

Especially when the resources are there for a business case-free 10 billion dollar dam....A 5 billion dollar bridge...A 10 million dollar Bogus Bollywood Bonanza....Oodles of money for private jets and helicopter trips, not to mention uannounced trips to tiny villages on Haida Gwaii to shovel money out of the back of the podium....And, while were at it....How much will that subsidy be for the Casino-Industrial Complex be again?...And, heckfire, didn't we dole out a big whack of cash to for no good reason at all this time last year to pay for a private corporations football finale under a magic carpet that cost another $600 million?


We don't need a review from the good Mr. Plecas to tell us that kids who were stuck in hotels have died.

And we sure as hell don't need that review to tell us that many more kids who need our help most are being ill-served by problematic private companies who have been hired (presumably) to cut costs so that we can spend the savings on the billion dollar boondoggles that just keep coming.

And, in spite of all that, our Premier has the gall to say that the MCFD will be the LAST ministry to get money.

This really is heartless.

Not to mention, in my opinion, gutless.

Because, clearly Mr. Clark is telling us that she doesn't have the guts to stand up to the cronies behind her party's facade when the chips are down and it is time to do the right thing.




Bill said...

Great post Ross. Christy and her Pirates always come first. Her BC families as always are last, mere vote fodder - an audience to be ignored, deflected and always manipulated. Yes the promised Plecas fix is in the bag and is planned to be released at Friday next week at the start of the busy Christmas Holidays. They did a similar smoke and mirrors reveal on the health firing scandal on this anniversary exactly one year ago. Too transparent... No too obvious.

Funny.. in her embarrassing comments yesterday on the suggestion to 'defrock' the Donald's branded tower she smiled and scrunched up her face and feigned a wishy washy neutral babble that did not befit a Premier. She should have at least called out the outrageous hate spewing from the US one percenter.. It is telling that she did not. What she did clearly go on about was that she couldn't comment on the Dump the Trump naming because she was "not a businessman". But we all figured that out a long time ago, still it has never stopped her in the past from posing in a white hard hat and pretending to have all the answers.

Anonymous said...

aargh no soup for you just lump of coal ,form new fraser surrey dock,scrooge.
cancel bogus site c save 11 billion dollars

dam the dam,dam the lies, families first!

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

we need to grow the economy first? is that woman out of her mind? She won't spend money on kids unless the economy grows? Never heard of anything so stupid in my life.

Cancel the dam and spend the money on the kids. we don't need that dam dam. As to standing up to her cronies, I don't even think its about her cronies. its about Christy Clark not giving a dam about the children of this province and their needs. In my opinion she caters to them so they will contribute to her re-election campaign.

Given that the children are in "government care" and therefore the province is their guardian and she is the premier, she and her cabinet ought to be arrested for child neglect, child abuse, causing the death of a child due to negligence.

RossK said...

But e.a.f.--

Where else is that base going to go.

If she had the guts she could stand up to them.

One could argue, I guess, that if she ran a deficit the Big Muddy Inst. and the fine folks running Mr. Bateman might turn on her and, as we know, where they go the proMedia club is soon to follow.

But even that kind of codswallop can be stomped on by going, say, full-on Justin.


I reckon even the Marissentinis can see that.

And I reckon the latter fine folks would have their eyes opened wider if the citizenry were to scream loud enough such that they come to see that they will be hurt at the polls if they DON'T do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

So the head of the RCMP in BC during part of the disastrous missing nations girls and women saga has been promoted to be BC's new Minister of Public Safety just in time to help the feds with their inquiry.

Thanks CC.

Dana said...

Clark is trying to position herself for a run at the national Conservative leadership contest. Prime Minister Clark is her goal.

Hugh said...

We need to grow the economy infinitely, in order to cope with our infinitely growing debt. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

SH: @ Dana

One would think that with the magic of modern communication, there aren't many Canadian who haven't had to turn the tv or radio off when she mouths her vapid pontifications.

On the flip-side, could a former P.M. make history by running as Premier, like say, in Alberta?

RossK said...


Sounds like the latest rendition of the 'The Firewall Prophecy'.


Anonymous said...


I knew the F P was a thing, but I didn't know they actually put that stuff in writing:

RossK said...


You betcha...

And dig that last, super 'kool' signatoree.


Anonymous said...


It screamed out.

I often wonder what Ian Reid's take on all this would be...

Oh my, ...I just jettisoned publishing this, the captcha thingy asked to id street signs...prominently at the top right was:
Reid Street. My body is electrified...

Will resubmit...