Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: Of Short Pants And...


Earlier in the week we learned that a number of Mr. Harper's boys in short pants have come to Lotusland to work, by Orders-in-Council, for the government Ms. Christy Clark.

One of these fine folks is a fellow named Nicholas Koolsbergen who was worked in the PMO as the 'Directors of Issues Management'.

Mr. Koosbergen, as we and others have noted, was one of the author's of the Harpoonian 'Enemies List Memo'.

It turns out that Mr. Koosbergen was also recently for something quite different (or pretty much exactly the same depending on how you look at it) as is made clear in the lede of this CTV piece authored by nameless 'staff' last August:

Stephen Harper was questioned Wednesday whether his office interfered in court proceedings after a senior staffer in charge of damage control was spotted speaking to a witness at Sen. Mike Duffy’s trial.

Nick Koolsbergen, Harper’s director of issues management, was seen Tuesday in the hallways of the Ottawa courthouse dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and conversing with the PMO’s former director of issues management Chris Woodcock during breaks in Woodcock’s testimony.

It is not known what Koolsbergen and Woodcock said to each other. Woodcock was the last witness to testify before Duffy’s trial adjourned until Nov. 18 (2015)...

Imagine that!

So...Why, exactly, is Ms. Clark loading up on all these Con-Ops?....Is it because she actually thinks that she needs them to run her government?....I highly doubt it...Instead, I reckon she is using our money (that is not being spent on bus passes for folks that really need them) to hook said operatives in the short term for services yet to be rendered on her re-election campaign starting about this time next year (unless, of course we get an early election call as readers Grant G and Lew have suggested might happen).



Grant G said...

Well Mr. K....

Altagas couldn't secure any buyers of LNG..Bad economic environment(LNG glut for the next decade, longterm LNG buying contracts being inked for under $5 dollars per MMBTUs right now)..Bankers aren't keen on lending money if they don't believe they'll get paid back..

Shell Canada LNG had all their permits, including a yes from environment assessment bunch..

Shell LNG was unable to secure longterm buyers of their LNG either..

The same scenario exists for Woodfibre LNG and Petronas...

So...In light of the demise of the LNG fantasy..

Christy Clark and company may run with this theme...("Keep the LNG dream alive""

Here is the potential political play..

:A Fall election is necessary because corporate investors need the assurance that the get to yes BC Liberal Government will be running the show not the forces of no(NDP)

Thus we BC Liberals are breaking the fixed election date to ensure British Columbian's don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity:

Food for thought


RossK said...

Thanks, as always, Grant--

Food for thought, indeed.