Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Great MSP Swindle.


Kudos to Steve Lus of the MoCo for really calling the swindle what it is by pointing out that while low-to-middle income single parent families will get a break, the following much larger group of British Columbians will, instead, be hammered even more:

- Couples earning over $45,000 pay additional $240 annually.
- Senior couples earning over $51,000 pay additional $240.
- Single adults earning over $42,000 pay additional $36.

- Couples earning over $51,000, with two children, pay additional $72.

And don't forget that senior couples making $51,001 will pay exactly the same amount of extra dough as an elderly couple earning $520,001.

All of which is bad enough, but here is the real kicker in the Clarklandian swindle:

...The government forecasts it will collect an additional $124 million in MSP premiums next year...


That little $124,000,000 nugget newly clawed out of already heavily scarred user fee flogged backs of British Columbians will actually pay for the fake Sparkle Pony Fund in its entirety (with a little left over for a Bogus Bollywood Bonanza II, of course).

Imagine that!



sd said...

I can just hear bubbles proclaiming in ads that the $100 music fund has been very sparkly.( For Insiders)

Hugh said...

ICBC also going up. And hydro rates going up, again. The $56 billion BC Hydro owes for IPP power has to be paid somehow.

e.a.f. said...

well now that Christy has "grown" the economy perhaps she can increase the disability and welfare rates, which haven't been since 2007. Its getting a tad hard to eat, with out the food bank.

she has to get the money some where to build Site C, so she has started collecting. but they people voted her into office and now they can loose their money to her also.

try getting a doctor these days. a walk in clinic has a 3 hr wait. Not great if your a senior and not feeling well. I'm not getting my money's worth from that bitch.

Anonymous said...

Msp 101 million more Jan 2017

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bc film industry 1/2 billion tax credit almost on top of 1.35-1.47 dollar corprate welfare untouched?