Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Pressing The Smart.



Is now the time that the Lotuslandian ProMedia Club members will be reminding we, the people, of the following?

...On Saturday (January 21, 2012), CBC British Columbia British Columbia's news division let it be known that it plans to ignore its own Ombudsman's ruling regarding the potential for its Legislative Bureau Chief, Mr. Stephen Smart, to be placed in a conflict of interest due to the fact that his wife is the Deputy Press Secretary for the Premier, Ms. Christy Clark.

And what did we hear from the rest of the proMedia on Monday?

Why, as many may have predicted after Messr's Good, Palmer and Baldrey ran up the 'Close Ranks, Immediately!' flag on Friday, it was nothing but....


In fact, the only proMedia type who had anything to say after the VSun's Andrea Woo reported that CBC-BC was going to tell their Ombudsman, Kirk Lapointe, to take a hike was Charlie Smith, who wrote two insightful analysis pieces here and here in the Georgia Strait.

But, then again, we already knew that Charlie, who has called out the proMedia for their cozy and potentially conflicty speaker fees in the past (as blogger Norman Farrell discusses here), is not a member of 'The Club'...

Somehow, I think not.

Need more historical context, particularly as it pertains to the Lotuslandian proMedia's 'closing ranks' response to Mr. Lapointe's ruling at the time?....The Exile's got it...In spades.
Interestingly, back in the day, the Keef actually kinda/sorta (without even knowing it, presumably) argued that Mr. Smart's potential for conflictyness may have been a wee bit problematic for the news organization he worked for at that time...Seriously.
Update, 6pm Wednesday: See if you can spot what's missing from Cassidy Olivier's Postmedia report on Mr. Smart's latest Clarklandian appointment...



Lew said...

Hopefully he'll be a temporary domestic worker.

Anonymous said...

Am I reading this right ? Stephen Smart former CBC is now with Christy Clark ? Did his wife give him a good reference ?

Guy in Victoria

Grant G said...

I have a funny feeling...I would like to hear from a provincial legislative expert...

Can Christy Clark call an early election?...Lots of hiring going on, lots of advertising...

From Wikipedia..


Fixed election dates in Canada
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Canada, some jurisdictions have passed legislation fixing election dates, so that elections occur on a more regular cycle (usually every four years) and the date of a forthcoming election is publicly known. However, the Governor General of Canada, on the advice of the Prime Minister of Canada; the provincial lieutenant governors, on the advice of the relevant premier; and the territorial commissioners do still have the constitutional power to, on the advice of the relevant premier, call a general election at any point before the fixed date. By-elections, used to fill vacancies in a legislature, are also not affected by fixed election dates.


Food for thought...BC Liberals are having real trouble keeping keeping the sparkle ponies trotting, or is that plodding?

RossK said...



(and wouldn't that be ironic)



Based on past events...Do you really think he even needed it?



Interesting question.

My take...She's collecting those fine ex-Harpoonyish operatives for the coming election run and putting them on the gov't payroll is a way of locking them up until then.


Lew said...

@Grant G:

I wondered similarly on the Twit machine t'other day. Norm Farrell had a good reply to that, saying that the media friends of the BC Liberals would be done out of a much-needed year's worth of advertising lolly from government coffers. I still wouldn't be surprised if Her Christiness pulled a snap call for a mandate on Site C or her LNG dream.

Section 23 of BC's Constitution Act applies if she wants to amend it for a preemptive strike.

RossK said...


I dunno...

I think they need time to fully roll out the red (or is it blue) coloured BS carpet that will likely end with the unfurling of next year's budget that will contain ten times as much codswallop made up out of whole (and very soiled) cloth.


Grant G said...

Thanks Lew....I was thinking sorta the same thing..Clark asking the public for a mandate om those items...The forces of yes(cronyism) against the forces of "no"(no to a carbon bomb and resource giveaways)

Site C has a growing resistance and LNG is getting harder and harder to flog, those sparkle ponies are looking threadbare and matte..

Also...Harper waited too long, the economy tanked....Christy Clark's LNG thingy is looking to suffer the same fate..

It might be in her interest to pull the plug early...Catch the NDP(platapus party) flatfooted..


Grant G said...

Oops...That "om"...maybe that was a yoga moment...And I meant to say Platypus