Sunday, October 08, 2017

A Local Journalist Actually Asks Rich Coleman Why He Helped Shut Down The Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team.


Too bad the journalist concerned, Sean Holman, did the asking not yesterday or last week, or even last spring, but instead way back in 2010:


It sure would be interesting if Mr. Coleman could now tell us (i.e. in 2017) what, exactly, he  did to  'do it better' than the team he dismantled in 2009 given the following statistics provided by Sam Cooper in his most recent Postmedia piece that was published yesterday?

...In 2010-11, (BC Lottery Corporation) reported 491 suspicious transactions to Fintrac; in 2011-12 there were 837; in 2012-13 there were 939; in 2013-14 there were 1,254; and in 2014-15, there were 1,737 suspicious transactions reported to Fintrac, the documents say...

Of course, the journalist who had the guts and get-up-and-go to actually ask the question, and challenge Mr. Coleman to get him on the record, was none other than Sean Holman. As we've mentioned (to use the good Mr. Coleman's own words from the video above) 'again and again and again', Mr. Holman's Public Eye's archives are an invaluable historical record of all that GordCo was up to during its 10 year reign of error after error after error.
Note that, in the interview above, Mr. Coleman explicitly states that there is absolutely no documentation of why he did what he did because...."He doesn't deal in paper".
TipO'TheToque to Laila on the Twittmachine for bringing this up - the thread that follows is worth looking at....Especially the part where Laila notes that, despite Mr. Coleman's claims about 'paper', his admission that there were Emails indicates that there must have been (at least before the great deleting began in earnest) an actual pixel trail that could have been turned into paper right then and there.
Again, my hypothesis on why so much happened in 2009 is coming...And it has nothing, specifically, to do with eventualities in Richmond.



Anonymous said...

yes but they were all students.. ok?

North Van's Grumps said...

@RossK Your Posts for 2009 was the third highest at 576. Plenty to read there, eh

RossK said...


I wrote most about this stuff in the spring of 2010.


North Van's Grumps said...

353 Posts for 2010

7 Posts January 2010

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RossK said...

A whole lotta segments of the Paragon Marathon...


Chuckstraight said...

Leader material?

North Van's Grumps said...

The BBC ParagonMarathon: DocDumpDescribed by RossK

Segment Mile 15 of Paragon Marathon(g) is where?

Willy said...

We're lucky to have gutsy questions asked outside of mainstream pablum. On a side note and totally off topic, I was stunned to hear Rafe Mair passed on today. Another gutsy journalist.

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

of course it would be interesting to know what was going on, but I suspect this was the beginning of the end for people living in B.C. to be able to afford to purchase homes. it would be interesting to take these "suspicious transactions" and see how many houses were purchased during the same time with no subjects to and over listing price. Might come out at about the same.

It was a great way for the drug trade to launder money and I'm sure coleman just wanted to help "business" do business. Gordon Campbell wasn't called el gordo for nothing.

In my opinion Coleman dismantled the task force because it was doing too good a job; he helped the crooks launder money. The B.C. Lieberals had the figures and did nothing to deal with the issues. Now we are sitting in a huge mess.

Lets hope some of these people can be charged, found guilty and sent to jail. Enough is enough.

RossK said...


Not so sure about that.

Although, I don't think it is unreasonable to suggest that we could be 'clean and well-lighted' East Macau.

Which, sans all the dirty whaling, is essentially what we have become.


Ask yourself, who will benefit most from that - right now.

And then ask yourself, who played the long game on all this starting in, say, 2005?

(need a hint?....Think of that magic carpet and why it was a 'deal-breaker')