Friday, November 12, 2004

Helen Has Questions....

Washington, District of Columbia
38° 53' North; 77° 02' West

Helen Thomas is the grand dame of the Washington Press Corps and an Octagenerian.

And George Bush is afraid of her, because she asks questions like this:

"...Do Americans of good conscience really believe that we are making the United States more secure by bombing and killing the people of Fallujah?

......And why are our forces being killed?

......Does anyone believe that hand-picked interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, on the CIA payroll for years, is a free soul?

....Did we really make war against Iraq out of the goodness of our hearts to ensure free elections for Iraqis?"

And the big one....

"..........Why are we killing Iraqis in their own country?"


No wonder the Twig never takes Ms. Thomas' questions during press conferences anymore.

But we have a question of our own.

When, exactly, did the Marlboro Men of BushCo become so scared of little old ladies?

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