Saturday, November 20, 2004

Underfoot, Undermind

Santiago, Chile
33° 23' South; 70° 47' West

So, Paul Martin met Mr. Bush today in Santiago to talk beef-flowing borders and soft-wood lumbertrucks.

Which is all well and good, we guess.

But what we're really wondering is, did any of the smart young alecks from the PMO discreetly pick the following up on their PDA's while the the Boss was confabbing.

"Bring 'em on.....I'll crush him underfoot like a George Bush Doll."*

To know for sure look for the smirking one, not Shrub, standing behind Our Paul in the post-meet scrum on the uncut footage from Newsworld.

* uttered by the Content Factory on CBC Radio One's round up of all things parliamentary, 'The House" this am just as the Soft Wood Heads of State were entering the boardroom. Don't forget Santiago is right under T.O. (79°, 24' West) in the same time zone, so it coulda happened.

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