Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ambassadors Up The YinYang

Fortress North America

Ambassador Yin:
"Security trumps everything else in U.S. policy these days, and (Ambassador Yin) said he'd like to see the Canada-U.S. border "as seamless as possible" to assure our mutual interests...."

Ambassador Yang:
“We simply cannot understand why Canada would in effect give up its sovereignty – its seat at the table – to decide what to do about a missile that might be coming towards Canada.”

So who are these guys really working for?

Could it be a Sovereign State of Mind named Carlyle?

"Frank McKenna, former New Brunswick premier, is going to be the next ambassador to the United States.....Not a ripple of discontent anywhere except for McKenna's ties to the Carlyle Group. It boasts $18.9 billion in assets and includes James Baker III plus George Bush's father. McKenna is paid to be a member of Carlyle's Canadian advisory board."

"Bush wants Canada and countries of likewise stature to spend more money on military hardware -- especially if the hardware is manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the Carlyle Group (where Dubya's daddy works), and other US death merchants. Dubya says the US is tired of carrying Canada's weight. Lately, Paul Cellucci, the US ambassador to Canada, has resembled a broken record as he repeats the same mantra over and over -- spend more on defense, spend more on defense, less on everything else and more on defense."

That last paragraph was written two years ago. Thus, Mr. Dithers fear of Quebeckers' clear disdain for the American's offensive Missile Pretense notwithstanding, it sure looks like Messrs McKellucci may have gotten all they really wanted with the just announced budget.

And besides, with hackbassadors like this who needs borders anyway.

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