Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dodging Mr. Gee's Whiz

Toronto, Ontario
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Marcus Gee has long been the Globe & Mail's designated Kool-Aid drinker when it comes to all things PNACkian. After all he is the guy who once said:

"So the United States and Britain lied to the world. So what?"

And this week Mr. Gee apparently decided to give something back by first locking himself in his cubicle to gobble up illogical expectorants hand-over-fist before letting fly with a shower of sticky sweet lime green aerosol designed to cover the entire Great White North in little green smiley-faced footballs. To whit:

"...the fight being waged in Iraq now is not the fight that Ottawa refused to join back then. It is a fight for democracy, and Canada should be in it......It seems to have escaped Mr. Martin, but things have changed in Iraq. Last week, in an act of civic courage that amazed the world, Iraqis defied terrorist threats to vote en masse in the country's first free election in half a century. The government that will rise out of that vote will have a resounding mandate to build a new Iraq."

Never mind the fact that Mr. Gee seems to be basing his assumptions about a pre-emptive war's ability to deliver freedom and liberty under a continuing occupation on Rovian propaganda that is being discredited more and more by the day. After all, these people deal in news cycles, and the cycle clock on the wall says it's time to have a go at Our Paul in an effort to force a capitulation at the upcoming NATO summit on Feb 22nd. Again, from the green spittle-flecked mouth of Mr. Gee:

"....What possible reason can Mr. Martin have to say no (to contributing to a NATO-led force)? That Canada opposed the war in the first place? It won't wash. Canada was against overthrowing Saddam Hussein because the United Nations refused to approve the war and because Ottawa worried about the precedent of an "illegal" invasion. But that debate was over two years ago. There is nothing illegal about the struggle being waged in Iraq now. To the contrary, this is exactly the kind of effort that Canada claims to believe in."

But do we believe in 'exactly that kind of effort'? Not according to Globe and Mail Reader Adam LaRusic (Letter to Editor, Feb 12/05):

"In examining why Canada does not send troops to Iraq, Marcus Geee fails to take into account that most Canadians do not want to send our troops there. As Canada is a democracy, we should not go. Seeing as how he supports invading nations to establish democracies, you'd think he would have considered democratic ideals in his argument."

We couldn't agree more with Mr. LaRusic.

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