Thursday, July 06, 2006

Whither Canuckistan?


Remember all those early stories about how the ascendancy of the Conservative Reform Alliance Party* to power was not the end of the world as we, the Canuckistani people, know it?

Well, apparently, sometimes it takes a few months for a once proud country to go out, not with a bang, but rather with a whimper.

As proof of principle, here's the latest on the so-called Softwood 'Deal' on the Eve of Our Destruction:

OTTAWA, WASHINGTON -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government is plowing forward with the July 1 Canada-U.S. softwood truce over the objections of industry and British Columbia, declaring that negotiations are over.

"The softwood lumber deal is going ahead," Mr. Harper told reporters yesterday as he arrived in Washington on the eve of his White House visit with President George W. Bush, saying the agreement is an accurate reflection of the original framework struck April 27.

"We expect to have the same support for it as we had for the original agreement. . . . We're taking it to Parliament in the fall," he said.

Separately, International Trade Minister David Emerson said he has no intention of reopening the deal he initialled last weekend, declaring himself "puzzled and surprised" by the B.C. government's request for a 12-month dispute-free period if Canada cancels the deal.

"As far as I am concerned, negotiations are complete," Mr. Emerson said in an interview. He said the province's request doesn't make sense: "It's a bit like if you're a CEO and you get a severance package if you get fired, but you also want a severance package if you quit."

Oh, and one more thing.....check out the duality of the location lead at the top of Chase and Galloway's story from the Globe and Mail.


Has a nice ring to it, eh?

*Also known as 'CRAP'
And just in case you are shaking your head
over Mr. Emerson's rather bizarre CEO analogy, don't forget that Canfor is the exception to the industry rule because the Minister's former employer (and value-linked pension payer) is all for the deal.


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