Monday, November 26, 2012

My Suggestion For Dealing With The BC Ferries Shortfall.



Update: At the bottom of the post

Glen Korstrom of BIV notes that hearings, ostensibly meant to get 'public input' into how to deal with budget shortfalls at BC Ferries, start tonight in downtown Lotusland:

Public hearings to help the B.C. government get ideas for how it can achieve $26 million in savings by 2016, as well as get input on the long-term vision for coastal ferry services in B.C., get underway today.

The first of the public open houses, announced last month, will be held tonight (November 26) at 6 p.m. at the SFU Segal Graduate School of Business at 500 Granville Street.

Victoria earlier this year urged BC Ferries to find efficiencies and cut service in the wake of a financial report that showed vehicle traffic at a 13-year-low and passenger traffic at a 21-year low.

The quasi-private corporation, which is owned in part by the provincial government and receives taxpayer dollars to fund its operations, reported in June $16 million in losses for the fiscal year that ended March 31....

A lousy twenty-six lousy million?


Let's see.

If we got rid of those stupid jobs ads etc, apparently put together by an army of consultants when they are not designing smear sites with the PAB-Bots, that are costing us approximately the same thing (plus or minus an overseas junket or seven)....


Speaking of PAB-Bots....Have you ever peeked at their 'official' all cheery/no smeary YouTube channel?...Check out the traffic (I would never, ever suggest you subject yourself to the content - unless, of course, you are interested in bringing on a bout of self-induced narcolepsy)...That's some bang for that absolutely anti-viral buck, eh?....As for regular ferries to the small islands?....Well, we just can't afford that anymore.
Update: Of course, Norm Farrell knows how to really take care of the Ferry Corp's  so-called 'shortfall'.



Norm Farrell said...

The "consultation" is mere window dressing. Interest charges on BC Ferries debt could be reduced by $30 million a year by allowing BCF to finance in the same way the provincial and municipal governments of British Columbia arrange debt.

They could save $25 million by not being a second mortgage lender to the Jawl development group in Victoria.

They could save millions more by puncturing the swollen bureaucracy at head office. BC Ferries does not need a management team ten times more costly than that of Washington State Ferries.

Wazzup, ferry riders?

RossK said...

Thanks Norm--

Will front.


e.a.f. said...

to save money, well don't pay the ceos & those in the board room as much as they do. They make way more than those execs. at the Washington State ferries.

Lower the ferry rates in off hours & advertise it, so we know. More people will take the ferry. right now its about $75 for a driver & car one way.

Return the B.C. Ferry corp. to a crown corp so it qualifies for a lower interest rate on those billion or so dollars they owe the German banks. The savings on interest will alone make up for shortfall.

When el gordo decided to "go big time" with the ferries, they set the ferry repair shop up as a seperate entity. They inturn charge B.C. ferries for maintanence & repairs. Runs up a deficiet when none really exists.

RossK said...

Thanks e.a.f.--

All good suggestions.