Friday, November 09, 2012

Smilin' Sammy Returns...Bring On The Spam-A-Lot Slots!


Yup, that's right.

Former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan wants to get into bed with Christy Clark, who he knee-capped in 2005, and run for the BC Liberal Party nomination in South False Creek.


Well, apparently, he's now an expert at generating linear regressions which demonstrate that both he and she will actually win.

Or some such bizarre thing, this according to Mike Hager's recent piece in the VSun:

..."It's called regression to the mean," Sullivan said. "The Liberals right now are an outlier, underperforming, and the other guys are overperforming.

"By the time the election happens we're going to see a much different situation."...

Regression to the 'mean'?


Do you mean  'mean' as in, 'rip their throat out' mean ol' Smilin' One?

..."I like the fact that people underestimate me," Sullivan says in Citizen Sam, a National Film Board documentary about his 2005 mayoral victory. "You know, they pat me on the head and then I rip their throat out."...

And as for getting into power and then paying back those who filled your war chest by working with Suzie A. to smack a massive mega casino-industrial-complex down on the shores of the south side of False Creek?

Well, how about we rip the throats out of those scofflaws in the Co-Ops west of the fancy new Olympic development that is still costing us bags of our own money, at least in part, because of your decisions....

...I mean we never really liked those people and their families anyway, right Sam?

(the people and families and the like in the co-ops I mean)

You want the audio and the visual from Mr. Sullivan's 'rip their (i.e. Jim, not James, Green's) throats out' rant?....You can still find it.....Here. 



Anonymous said...

BC needs an enema, which will happen on May 13th.
Great Blog

Chris said...

"Regression to the mean"...

Isn't that what they used to call "regression to mediocrity"?

Mean... mediocre... hmmm.

RossK said...


Has that May 13th election date actually been announced yet?



In this case I think that, perhaps, you are giving all those called mediocre a bad name.


Scotty on Denman said...

There once was a time when things like trickle-down and compassionate conservatism were taken seriously. After 2008, reasonable figures on the right are rightly embarrassed by association with those whoppers and any detectable contrition is offered on the condition they get to keep ill-gotten profits. No reasonable person would contest public office with that kind of target pinned on the chest. So send in the clowns, Sarah Palin, Christy Clark, Danielle Smith, Mitt Romney, Nero...and Sam Sullivan.

Clowns can get away with saying things serious people dare not. If it's a hit with the electorate, bonus; if not, it's a good cabaret chuckle. BC Liberal candidates, chuffed with the kitschy self-importance of Christmas turkeys parading toward the basting pan barely affect any notice that business applause is now coming from four hundred dollar a plate NDP fundraisers. Great show, though, some comic relief from the reality that every dwindling day this government clings to power hurts BC.

RossK said...


Excellent point.

And did you see Eric Reguly's piece in the 'business' section (yes business!) of the Globe yesterday wherein he made it abundantly clear what really went down down South last Tuesday?...

Which is that, after thirty of years of 'The Great Republican Con Game' (yes, Mr. Reguly the business guy actually called it that) a majority of Americans finally realized that they no longer need vote against their own economic interests.


Scotty on Denman said...

Yes, Ross, even Eric says the "Great Republican con game" is coming to an end.

I note that pundits on the right have been spending the last few days blaming the "browning of America" for their loss as if white voters would never consciously abandon Reaganomics. But that's exactly what is happening. Jeez! only took thirty years! Guess it takes white people a little longer to get hip.

Meanwhile, CNN had a grief counsellor offering advice on dealing with the stress of losing, stay close to family, seek help, don't do anything foolish. I'm not making this up!