Friday, November 23, 2012

The End Of The Curmudgeon...Why Dirty Tricks Matter.



Even people like Keith Baldrey are now snarking on about how the $15 million dollar ad campaign from the Campbell/Clark government (paid for by me and mine and you and yours) is not working because the BC Liberal Party is still 18% behind the BC NDP.

But that is not the real news in the latest Angus Reid poll.

Instead the real story is that, despite that wee bit of legislative office memo-sending recently, the smear site merchants and the 'faux' revolutionaries are now fully emboldened.


Because their politics of destruction, specifically as it pertains to John Cummins and the BC Conservative Party, has worked.

And it's all there in the rolling poll timeline ticker (pay particular attention to those red and blue lines since Sept when the 'revolution' was front page/top o' Mr. Baldrey's 6 o'clock news)...


I'm not saying that these people (ie. the smear-site merchants) can get that last 10% from the BC Cons that will get Ms. Clark and her minions to within striking distance of the Dippers (ie. to the high 30's) where all the big money spends, both public and private, that would surely follow just might give them the remotest of remote shots.


What I am saying is that you can now fully expect the fine folks running the young ratf*ckers to have the ears and the attention of everyone in the BC Liberal Party sphere of influence that matters.

And that means that you can also fully expect those same fine folks to send their operatives out in waves to crank up the smears, full-bore, against Mr. Dix et al., in the next 4 months in an effort to inflict as much destructive damage as possible before the campaign gets going for real in mid-April of next year.




Grant G said...

Mr. K...I know you don`t listen to Friday`s Cutting Edge of the Ledge..

I however do, the cknw audio vault has been disabled for some time now, so I will give you a couple of highlights from Baldrey(paraphrasing here)

Baldrey said, on the $15 million dollar advertising scheme..

:I`ve never seen anything quite like it, the entire Global BC news program is paid for by BC Government ads:

and there was more, the ledgie boys quoted, from Hansard, what Christy Clark said about the NDP spending tax dollars on advertising when she was in opposition..

Christy Clark speaking to J McPhail, from Hansard..

:It`s shocking that taxpayers have to see your face all over the television tooting your own horn, how many hospital beds could open, how many more doctors and nurses could we hire, how much more could we do for those in need with the $600,000K your wasting on ads:

Well well well, $600K....

Christy Clark was whining about $600k...

$15 million for Christy Clark`s propaganda(eer,ad campaign) campaign,..

A increase of a factor of 25...Are you kidding me..And maybe it`s an increase of a factor of..

60 times what the NDP spent

And from what I read, Christy Clark has spent $34 million dollars this year, and counting..

ricky said...

The BC Liberal government has nothing to lose at this point. They have been somewhat successful as you point out in eliminating the BC Conservatives as a "vote" stealer".

They have more to do on that front yet. What they have to say about the NDP will get much worse as we approach the election.

They will not lose votes to any degree here on in. They however won't go up unless they can make more spending announcements and can make people scared of the alternative, the NDP.

If there is a grain of truth in anything they say, no matter how small, the media will give it legs.

The Liberals also have a bigger campaign budget. They will out spend the NDP in most ridings and in the central campaign. Money helps especially if you have nothing to lose, you can go dirty!

Never under estimate the power of often repeated ads.