Friday, November 30, 2012

The 64 Million Dollar Questions (ctd)....Why Not Unclog The Courts?


Given that our prevaricating Premier is still handing out our money, hand-over-fist, to various assorted sundry cronies to make ads to convince us that she and hers are actually doing something, today's question is included in this quick hit from CKWX covering the Dippers' justice critic's concerns:

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The provincial New Democrats say there could have been a better way to spend $15 million than on the current TV ad campaign touting BC's jobs plan.

Justice critic Leonard Krog says people trying to navigate the courts with a poorly funded legal aid system would appreciate the money.

"The BC Liberals in power can take that money and put it into legal aid, instead of putting it into advertising," he insists.

Lawyers across the province have been trying to put on the spotlight on what they consider a poorly funded legal aid system.

This month, they've been refusing to take on criminal harassment cases, as a form of protest.

Why wurlitzer something that is, essentially, a press release from the Opposition?....Well, there is no question period in the real Ledge where this can be raised and, presumably, answered....And, thus, we note with interest, that this matter has not been picked up by any of the big corpMedia 'lectronic and/or print organs....


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