Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Day In Snookland....Smear Everyone!


"He was sunk in despair. He was desperate... he called his equally depressed campaign manager and instructed him to.....accuse his high-riding opponent (the pig farmer) of having routine carnal knowledge of his barnyard sows, despite the pleas of his wife and children... His campaign manager was shocked. 'We can't say that, Lyndon,' he said. 'It's not true.' 'Of course it's not,' Johnson barked at him, 'but let's make the bastard deny it.'..."
Hunter Thompson, on Lyndon Johnson's 1948 Congressional Campaign.

“Mr. Slater’s candidacy is not being approved due to personal issues that, in our view, impact his ability to represent the Party.”
Sharon White, BC Liberal Party President, 2013

First it was political opponents....

Then it was a potential candidate from within their own party...

And now, in the case of John Slater, it is one of their own sitting MLA's...

In other words....

Smear everybody.


Regarding the personal problems 'referred' to by the good Ms. White at the top of the post, Mr. Slater has both admitted and denied them.

Steve Kidd, in the Penticton Western News, has the story directly from Mr. Slater's riding:

...Mike McDonald, executive director for the Liberal party, refused to elaborate on the nature of the personal issues.

“We have tried to avoid that and tried to work with John to come to a co-operative solution, which we thought we had arrived at in December in terms of him agreeing not to run and announce it on his own terms,” said McDonald. However, speculation has begun to swirl that the “personal issues” may be due to Slater having a problem with alcohol.

“I have been know to have a few drinks, yes,” said Slater. “It's never been in the press, it's never been an issue that way. It's not like a DUI or something like that.”

Slater said that alcohol has never influenced his judgment at caucus or any other meetings.

“I am an animated person at the best of times and if I have a few beer, I get more animated. Maybe that is what they are talking about,” said Slater. “You can go around my constituency, all the meetings that I go to, week in, week out, that's never a problem in my riding.”...

But that's not the worst of it, at least according to Mr. Slater:

...“The party sought a co-operative solution through discussions with John. This is not a decision taken lightly and is fully considered,” said (party president Sharon) White.

Slater denied that discussions had taken place, saying instead, party officials had misled him into agreeing to step down in December, presenting him with polls, which Slater feels were falsified, showing that he had little chance of winning the riding again...

In other words, it's not just skeptics on blogs and a large swath of the citizenry that does not believe the stuff that is being pumped from the bilges of the rusted, fetid hulk of the BC Liberal Party.


Even those still clinging to the sinking ship know it for what it is as well.

Which is codswallop.

Pure codswallop.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Which does not mean that they, and their sycophants, will not keep flinging it at us between now and mid-May....The codswallop, I mean....Heckfire, they will even spend big money to do it.


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