Monday, January 21, 2013

This Day In Snookland...The Big Neg-Mo.


I'm pretty sure that the ticker above, taken from the latest from Angus-Reid will make, as John Slater recently called them, "The grand Poohbahs in Victoria and the Children in the premier`s office" (thanks Grant!) almost kinda/maybe sorta happy.

But here's the thing...

Now that that the Cons have been destroyed,  where is any new support going to come from to raise that Red Lib/Con line any further?

Which leads us to the second chunk of data from AReid that tells, I think, the real story...

Can you see that?

Ms. Clark, the Poobahs, her Coterie of Children, and the smear merchants too, are getting their gongs banged in every single category that matters.

Every single one.

Except, of course, the well-off.

Which means, I guess, that they've really got the 'Creme de la Creme' vote going for them at least. 

Oh, and one last thing....

In the 'momentum' category Ms. Clark comes in at a whopping 32.

(on the negatronic, negative side that is)



Of course, with that red ticker rising towards a false dawn (i.e. due purely to the destruction of the Curmudgeon - note that the orange line at the top of the graph has not budged) you could imagine how some of those still remaining  inside of the LibCon tent might be starting to whisper, even more loudly than usual, about how they could really move things if they could just tear the albatross of a massively neg-mo leader from their necks...Ha!



karen said...

Well then, the solution for the Liberals is to make sure every single British Columbian's income increases to over $100,000/year.

Of course, dragging their feet on minimum wage increases and tearing up contracts is not really the way to go about that...

Grant G said...

You are correct Ross K...The NDP won`t drop below that 46-48% mark(unless the spinners create a shocking scandal)..

So that does beg the question, where do the Liberals in name only get the votes..

The Green voters will never pull the voting lever for Liberals..
Cummins has gone about as low as he can go..

Also, this is the first poll reported, reporting after $30 million dollars of carpet bombing adverting..

In fact my head still hurts from being adverhammered by the spin Poohdoctors..

Can I say that, Poohdoctors?


Lew said...

And right on cue CKNW headlines "Liberals make some gains in latest survey". Oh boy...