Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What, Exactly, Is Geoff Plant Kinda/Sorta Accusing The Auditor General Of?


Don't get it?

Me either.

Especially the 'advice' part.

But, then again, there is....


And while you're at it, you may want to head on over and give Ian Reid's latest a good, thorough reading...
Thanks to Koot for the heads-up on the good Mr. Plant's usage of the Twittmobile...



RossK said...

Comment from GrantG--

Mr. Ross K...My understanding of Plant`s message is ....

"I wonder if BCs auditor general will waive solicitor client privilege and disclose (HIS)legal advice and bills in the Basi Virk case?"

As in, how much did the auditors legal fees cost!!..And what advice did the auditor general`s lawyers(for this case, before judgement) give John Doyle ..

Meaning this..

Geoff Plant is slapping the auditor general for spending BC Tax Dollars to fight something that Geoff Plant thinks is A-ok..

Lawyer(s) (edited by siteowner) like Geoff Plant always show their true colours...

His colour is BC Liberal blue!



RossK said...

Interesting PoV Grant--

However, even if Mr. Plant's tongue is planted firmly in his cheek there is no other way to see this as anything other than old-timey drive-by 'make the bahstahd deny it' smeary-type stuff.

You know, the more I pay attention to these fine folks doing their thing, the more I'm reminded of these even finer folks from days of yore...