Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Day In Snookland...All Your Environments 'R Us.


Heard the latest?

Actually, you might not have because it was done without public consultation or debate.

Turns out that the Snooklandians have decided that those big projects most need to perform environmental reviews to make sure they don't harm the environment don't actually need to do so.

Perform environmental reviews I mean.

The VSun's Larry Pynn, who does good work, has the story. Here's his kicker:

...The province has exempted new and expanded ski and all-season resorts as well as sweet natural gas processing plants from scrutiny of the Environmental Assessment Office...


What's next....

How 'bout no board exams for surgeons in, say, private clinics because it's just too much of a hassle and it costs too much?


Of course, if you stand back a little you can see the big play here.

Which is to completely unshackle the cronies when it comes any impediment to any and all land rape whatsoever given what has already gone on with the advent of fungible park boundaries and the beginning of the end for the ALR.

Which, along with the total disregard for people who need a leg up, is what is really behind the smiley face of the conflictier-than-thou, crony-philantropist Premier. 


And one last thing....

...(Environment Minister Mary) Polak can still designate a project as reviewable where the “project may have a significant adverse environmental, economic, social, heritage or health effect and that the designation is in the public interest.”...

Feel better now?



Anonymous said...


Friends of watersheds(peeps who drink water) may have something to say about activities that happen up in them thar hills.

RossK said...

Ya, but...

Will any Snooklandian listen?


Anonymous said...

We all know that Christy's big plans are failing.... the Liberals need some drastic measures to allow any future announcements on big projects to happen.
The easiest way to do that... is roll over & let corporations do as they please without public scrutiny.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

We Canadians are living in very evil times. Harper has Canada as, rotten to the core with corruption.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are every bit as corrupt as, Harper and his so called Cons. I say the BC Liberals are, Harper's satellite party. All of this was a plot hatched out from, Gordon Campbell's reign of terror.

Corporations govern. Harper has sneakily been working on the TPP with Corporations. This is just another corporate give-a-way which, gives corporations a hell of a lot more power.

And. Watch out for the foreigners who have a drivers license with an address and health care cards. They may not be, permanent citizens of Canada. However, thousands and thousands of them could perhaps vote.

I trust nothing that even remotely touches on Harper and his Cons. Nor, would I ever trust the BC Liberals on anything either. All of them are evil entities, that should be kicked right off the planet.

Anonymous said...


RossK re watersheds: it is my understanding that water quality is under the watch of Regional Health Boards/Chief Medical Officers. If it is determined that there is a direct impact on human health, the provincial government could be forced to limit their activities in the back country.

I'll be interested to see what John Horgan has to say about this.

Anonymous said...

" In a stunning about-face, Environment Minister Mary Polak has rescinded the environmental assessment exemption for prospective all-season ski resorts and sweet natural gas processing plants only a day after it was announced."

Is this the same Mary Polak who was defending the government's decision just a few hours ago ?

The same Mary Polak who represents the Liberal government that continues to boast how great relations are with First Nations... and that the Liberal government is listening to taxpayers ?

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Looks like Minister Polak might have been playing the good cop/bad cop game--she backs down, well, mostly

scotty on denman said...

At first I couldn't believe the stupidity...but I sure understand the back-peddling.

Sekani-Carrier First Nation can flex some muscle but it didn't appear anything but reasonable and measured.

RossK said...


Was in the bunker all day...

Missed the floppity on the flippity.

They sure must be running some super fast focus polls...


e.a.f. said...

The people of B.C. voted for the lieberals. Now they can live with that, or in many cases die with it. The b.c. lieberals are well on their way to killing the B.C. environment and thus its citizens. We have only ourselves to blame. If people get unhappy about it, they can always use the re-call mechanism, but it is doubtful they will. If they personally are not effected, they don't care.

cfvua said...

Ms Polak must have reacted to hearing of government folks being tossed out of a summit sponsored by First Nations in Fort Nelson. And note the quick apology from CAPP who would have been only too happy to be able to build their facilities without having to perform those pesky assessments.