Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Has Anybody (Including The Commissioner) Actually Read The Conflict Of Interest Act?



Updated: To include quote from Bob Mackin's previous story at bottom of post which makes it clear why two months just might really, really matter here.

Apparently, at least according to so-called reliable sources (eg. a tweet, but not a column, from Mr. Vaughn Palmer), the current Conflict of Interest Commissioner, who also just happens to be the father of a former Burrard Communications employed lobbyist for Enbridge and a current assistant deputy minister for Christy Clark, cannot deal with/rule on anything that went on before Ms. Clark was elected to the legislature of British Columbia (eg. on or about May 11, 2011):

But here's the thing....

If you take the time to actually read the Conflict of Interest Act of British Columbia it defines 'members' who are subject to the act (and the rulings of the Conflict Commissioner regarding it) thusly:

Therefore, given that Ms. Clark was sworn in as Premier on March 14, 2011 it means that, to the best of our knowledge, she actually became a 'member' of the Executive Council on that date, two months before she was elected an MLA in that lunchtime polling station visit-assisted by-election squeaker over David Eby.



What, if anything, happened between March and May of 2011, particularly given the following, as reported by Bob Mackin in The Tyee  recently:

...(Ms.) Clark's name remained on RCI PGEI's corporate registration through its delisting in May 2011, two months into her premiership...


Perhaps Mr. Palmer could ask the good Conflict Of Interest Commissioner about that (in addition to that other stuff we mentioned yesterday about all that fussy connectyness business).

This came up because of a tweet from the VObserver's Matt Millar who tells us off-line that he has a story coming...Stay tuned for that...



Anonymous said...


Good sleuthing Rossk!

Perhaps the pro-media cultists have retreated to an ashram and have taken a vow of silence.

RossK said...


So far it seems that all vows involve straight-up stenography.