Monday, April 21, 2014

This (Slow) Day In Snookland...The Return Of Turdstormer Bill.



Look who has been tweeting again...


Mimosas for Easter Monday Brunch while phone fiddling, perhaps?

Because the last time Mr. Bennett tweeted in such a manner one really had to wonder if he had climbed aboard the Twittmachine while tying one on, big time.


Meanwhile, in case you missed it amongst all the codswallopanarianistic deflector spin, Mr. Bennett has been doing a little of that 'straight talking' he is so famous for while explaining why the ALR as we know it must be dismantled.

Here is what he apparently told Bill Tieleman:

...Bennett was clear that he decided to change the ALR because he has been "listening to his constituents for 13 fucking years!"...


There you have it.

The rationale for Snooklandian policies of public destruction in a nutshell.


Tip 'O The Toque to reader S.H. for the heads-up on the latest twittscapade from Mr. Bennett.



Anonymous said...


FYI Rossk: if you search twitter: " #bcpoli", you mostly get "1st" tier pro-media gov-feed.

I can't remember how I found this big juicy stream of the real stuff, but here's my tried and true link:

RossK said...



But if you hit 'All' while there you can get we, the hoi-polloi and the cultists too.


Anonymous said...


Thanks. Should have known you had the tweetnasty down.

RossK said...

Not really...

More often I like to comb the specific postings of the usual suspects.

I had missed this one from the Ol' Turdstormer.