Monday, April 14, 2014

This Day In Snookland...If Only Our Schools Were Bollywood.


The chronic underfunding is finally really coming home to roost.

Stefania Seccia had the (follow-up) story in local edition of the MetroNews:

When Vancouver school board chair Patti Bacchus recently opened her computer, she was flooded with tweets, emails and messages about the potential classroom cuts schools are facing this year.

Bacchus said concerned locals and parents have been messaging her about the projected $26.6-million shortfall for the 2015-2016 school year and what it means for Vancouver classrooms. The public has until April 30 to comment and provide alternative options for what their community’s school board can do.

“I agree pretty well with everyone who writes me emails or tweets me,” she said. “The hard part is cutting (programs) because it’s what I’ve been fighting against all these years.”...


What does noted 1970's educational historian and current Snooklandian Education Minister Mr. Peter Fassbender have to say?

...Fassbender said he’s told school boards that they need to work together with the province and share the responsibility and challenges.

“I would tell parents, while I recognize the pressures, I think there is great education going on throughout our schools throughout the province and to be assured of the fact that dedicated teachers and administrators are working hard to ensure no child suffers,” he added...

And as for the current Premier herself?

What does she have to say, given that she started the neverending underfunding of public schools while she was the Knotty Gordian's E-Minister more than a decade ago?

Well, the run-on psycho-babble doesn't seem to be up on the CBC's website but I distinctly heard Ms. Clark saying something on the long wave yesterday afternoon about how, whatever happens, it can't hurt 'our kids'.

'Our' kids?

First, as we've pointed out before, this has nothing to do with 'her' kid, so she should stop saying 'our' when she continues to screw them, and us, over.

Second, if the VSB could figure out a way to have a massive, useless PR extragavanza that bought Ms. Clark a few votes and cost something in the neighbourhood of, say $30 million?


Then they might be on to something.


And, just how much public money do we give away, for free, to wealthy people so that 'their' kids don't have to hang around with the hoi-polloi (and so that they can make damned sure 'their' kids get to have both band classes and athletic teams)....Well, in case you've forgotten....It's $250 million...Every...single...year....Kinda/sorta makes mincemeat of Minister Fassbender's fatuous words, above, eh?



Anonymous said...


Be it agreed that Bollywood is our Fast Ferry?

And furthermore, it must be spoon-fed ad nauseum, to whet the appetite of the Great Unwashed as the most easily digested niblet of Crony Economics...?

Bill said...

Ross you are so on the money with your comments here. Public education needs proper support, and funding - not continued attack by the privatizing / in the money Liberal "family".

Typical Liberal ploy, when not to their advantage the problem and tough decisions fall back to the people , decisive action (to the Liberals advantage) does not get our input. The fix is always in.

Further to SH above, Bollywood is in fact just one of dozens of a large fleet of "Fast Ferries" that the Liberals have inflicted on the the people of BC. The Fast Ferries of over a decade ago should be a fond memory in comparison to the corruption and incompetence of the last decade.

e.a.f. said...

Not only has the VSB been hit by this, so have other S.B.s Parents have no one to blame but themselves. They either didn't vote or the voted for the lieberals. Having said that, the children ought not to be penalized for this. This province needs a decent education system. We haven't had that for a long time.

We should not expect to have a decent education system either, as long as the lieberals are in power. They don't care about the children of B.C. The children of B.C. are already the most impoverished in Canada. It is not unreasonable to conclude the lieberals consider public education simply a waste of money. Really, why should the liebeals care? Their kids are in private school.

It is absolutely disgusting what Clark and Fassbender are dong to the education system in B.C. Until parents "rise up" nothing will change.

I don't have children, so its nothing to me, on a personal level, but I did benefit from a good education compliments of B.C. during the 50s and 60s. That this government would spend money on foreign travel, bonuses for failures, etc. and not educate the children of this province is simply another example of child abuse as practiced by Chrisy Clark and the B.C. lieberals.

It is really too bad some lawyers don't take the B.C. government to court and sue on behalf of the children. They certainly are being abused by the lieberals and discriminated against. If the liebeals have hundreds of millions of $s for arenas and bridges, they ought to have the same amount of money to educate the children of this province.