Sunday, August 03, 2014

How, Exactly Is This 'World Class' Mr. Coleman?


Remember how British Columbia's Minister for Everything (that Ms. Clark won't touch) was recently caught out for babbling on about our 'world class' standards for dealing with frack gas waste are anything but?


It looks like reality has once again gotten in the way of Mr. Coleman's codswallop.

The following is from Jonny Wakefield's July 30th story in the Alaska Highway News:

...In two cases, the city (of Dawson Creek) discovered illegal compounds in the holding tank of its dumping facility on 115 Street.

In one instance, staff discovered "chemicals used in the fracking process" in the holding tank...

And the Desmog Blog has more. Specifically, it turns out that frack gas waste has seeped into the Dawson City waste water treatment system at least twice in the last 18 months:

Although city officials from Dawson’s Creek won’t disclose the names of the companies involved, they are confirming that fracking waste has been illegally dumped into the city’s water treatment system on at least two occasions.

Jim Chute, administrative officer for the city, told DeSmog Canada, that illegal dumping has occurred at least three times, but twice the waste was “clearly” related to fracking.

“It has actually been on three occasions in the last 18 months where we’ve caught inappropriate materials being dumped,” he said. “One of those was a load of contaminated diesel. It’s not clear to us exactly how that diesel got contaminated so we don’t know if that was frack-related or not.”

“The other two were a mix of compounds that were clearly flowback waste from a frack operation.”...


We sure do look forward to Mr. Coleman's presser Tuesday at which he announces, with all the bluster he can possibly muster, that our standards for dealing with frack gas waste have now been upgraded to 'Solar System' class.

Or some such thing.

Hmmmmm...Has anyone in the know even considered the possibility that the Sparkle Ponies will, in the end, actually cost us real money to clean up all the environmental, infrastructural, crony-giveaway and longterm commitment-type messes that are sure to follow given the fine folks who are (still) in charge of things?



Anonymous said...

Aspirationally speaking of course.?

North Van's Grumps said...

An example of Environmental clean up costs from fracking to be picked up the Citizens of BC....

FrackingWell, YES!

Just before the Expo 86 lands were sold for $50 million to Off-Shore concerns (HongKong) the BC Socreds introduced legislation requiring owners to clean up their polluted properties. In the case of Expo 86 the polluting industries got off scot free because the ACT came into effect after they sold it to the .... British Columbia government eg. Socreds. It turned out that Grace McCarthy, Minister of all things, deemed that the sale would require that the "previous owner" had to pay out $51 million to clean up False Creek.

"Previous" being British Columbians.

Anonymous said...

So the City of Dawson Creek won't give the names of the polluters than knows it is 'clearly' from fracking.

How come no names?
How come no charges?

Is there too much money coming in to Dawson to, ahem, offend these polluters?

Grant G said...

Indeed Mr. K...

e.a.f. said...

I'D SURE like to know who those "polluters" are. As a citizen of this province and a taxpayer, I have the right to know. Of course Coleman won't think so.

We voted them into office and now we can live with the results. Or in some cases die from the results.

scotty on denman said...

Ha! "Solar System" class! Brilliant!

Titan's in the Solar System, right?...where it actually rains methane. If it's a class act on Titan, why not on Earth, eh Rich?...

RossK said...

Double Ha!

And if Titan's methane doesn't hold, we can always upgrade to Milky Way super-duper elite, ultra class.