Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alright Mr. Smith, I'll See Your Conventional Wisdom And Raise You A Pack Of Double Bubble.



Wednesday Lunchtime Update: I heard from Mr. Smith via the Twittmachine's super-secret pseudofeed...As a result, I've edited the post-script to this post slightly in response.

Yesterday, in a piece pointing out the apparently 'growing' chasm between the Lotuslandian bloggodome and the puffed-up promedia punditry, Charlie Smith of the GStraight wrote about the thorough fisking Norm Farrell recently gave to the works of that fine fellow from Blackland, Mr. Tom Fletcher.

And in passing, for some strange reason Mr. Smith also said something about how this here little F-Troop list outpost...

...routinely condemns conventional wisdom being dished out by scribes in the press gallery bubble...

Which is just about the nicest thing a (kinda/sorta) member of the proMedia has ever said about what goes on around here.


In the spirit of that bubble-bursting thing.

Why the heckfire were so many folks on the Twittmachine sending kudos that other Mr. Smyth's way for his piece in the Province last weekend about further Clarkland-mandated cuts to schoolboards?

Sure, on the surface of it, it all sounds like what was written Mikey from Crikey was a good thing.

But all I saw was he said/she said blah, blah, blah with no effort to actually inform readers if what is going on is a good thing or a bad thing and if it will impact the real work of public school boards.

But, of course, to do something like that takes real research, thought and synthesis in the service of readers.

Which just doesn't seem to be the other Mr. Smyth's bag.

A subthesis of Mr. Smith's piece is that what the folks in the bloggodome write does not now and will not ever change the codswallop that is pumped out by the local puffed-up propunditry....Thus, in this respect, it could be concluded that we're all just tilting at windmills...But, the thing is...It's not really the folks who write the  puff pieces that we're really talking to....Right?
And if any puffed-up proMedia club member really thinks that what Norm does doesn't have an effect, go ask the Keef,....He of the 'Reports' of course.



Grant G said...

Bitch alert.

James King, Victoria said...

Norm, and you, Ross, have been doing some very useful work lately - many thanks. And, it is nice to see something by way of recognition in the Straight...

Don F. said...

So, I guess this puts the Baldrey/Palmer theory that bloggers are nut cases sitting at their keyboards in their underware at 2 a.m. in question I suppose??

RossK said...


Most interesting, don't you think, that Mr. Palmer of the Sun disapproves of thoughtful responses from Mr. Horgan to Ms. Clark's ridiculous grandstanding but applauds the one liners.


Thanks JK--

It's really Norm who has been doing the heavy lifting and deep digging recently, though.

I've just been too darned busy with my day job.

And while I'm still steamed at the GStraight for kinda/sorta backing Smilin' Sammy for mayor in 2005, I will always applaud Charlie Smith's unrelenting grilling of the Knotty Gordian while he simultaneously stiff-armed Mr. Campbell's off-screen media minder during the 2009 election campaign.

(and, yes, I do have a memory and I plan to keep using it)



Grant G said...

Indeed Ross...and on this story..

Shocked, no LNG until after 2020, after 2024..

Actually, never!

I wonder what all those welders, pipefitters in training are going in the mean-time, I know...

Build military shiprr, maybe not..


Grant G said...

Oops, that was supposed to be..."Going to do in the mean time"

RossK said...


Oh, I dunno...Go ahead and click through to Mr. Smith's piece and take a gander at the first comment.


Norm Farrell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Norm Farrell said...

A few years back, Charlie was the first to write about pro-media people in BC putting themselves in positions of potential conflicts by taking money from sources affected by news coverage.

Charlie's been helpful to me during the few times we've interacted but I warned him that if someone paid ten grand for for him to give a 30 min speech, I'd make an issue of it.

Of course, how would I know. Those kind of deals are always done in private.

RossK said...


I'm pretty sure that Mr. Smith would make an issue of it too, no matter who it was.


Anonymous said...


Yesterday, Chris Walker, host of CBC's Daybreak South, interviewed Sean Holman about the scourge of government stonewalling: ...this morning, Sean's commentary was perfectly illustrated by the Minister responsible for communications: Wilkinson. As usual, Chris Walker Columbo'd him, as only Chris can do.

Chris Walker is a formidable counter-balance to the regressive closed aspects of the Southern Interior. Pity the whole Province can't witness him live - sadly Daybreak South is posting fewer and fewer audio files.

Sean Holman retweeted
Jennifer Moreau @JenniferMoreau · 13h13 hours ago
An open letter to govt PR folks from @publiceyeonline. #bcpoli @BCGovNews

RossK said...

Thanks SH--

Your Mr. Walker seems to be the anti-Puffmaster Flash.

And yes, that latter monicker is a term of that some of us like to use when thinking oh so fondly of the Lotuslandian MoCo morning man...