Saturday, February 21, 2015

One Thousand Eight Hundred Countries Too Many...The World According To Mr. Kenney.


When he was on the MoCo this morning former CTF spokesmodel and current Canadian Defence Minister, Mr. Jason Kenney, told Evan Solomon that we were in Iraq with over 2000 other countries.


As the Disaffected Liberal soon noted, that's about 1800 real countries too many.


Maybe, collectively, we can help Mr. Kenney figure out where the rest of the countries in his world can be found.

I mean, maybe he's looking for that finely honed absolute monarchy known to so many, including Anthony Hope and Peter Sellers, as 'Ruritania'.

And there's always Genovia, the little jewel that was once ruled by a teenaged Anne Hathaway.

And just what country were the 'Cliffs of Insanity' located in again?



Now, I remember.



We can only hope that Mr. Kenney doesn't have to negotiate the fire swamps and/or run into any rodents of unusual size on his way to do whatever it is he and/or his real paymasters want him to do.

You can hear Mr. Kenney's faux pas, which would be truly laughable if the stakes weren't so high....Here (at the 37 minute mark)...And if you rewind the player you can hear Opposition leader Mr. Mulcair actually make some sense of this senseless situation.



Anonymous said...

christie and Kenney 2000 countries
400 million viewers

RossK said...


And may a billion bollywood's bloom...


lungta said...

well i am getting be at a loss as to a solution for these guys anymore
tho your last line
gave me a great therapeutic vision
of kenney running naked thu a fire swamp with a monster beaver in hot pursuit
thanks for that

Eleanor Gregory said...

I too heard the interviews and reflected that Mulcair made sense and Kenny...not.

RossK said...


I wish the rodents of unusual size on no man.

As for the eels, well...



It really did seem that way didn't it.


Norm Farrell said...

And some HarperCons wanted Jaason Kenney to become Foreign Affairs Minister.

Maybe they thought that would involve a youthful au pair lending the Minister a hand.