Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Further Entrenching Of The Entitled.


I've written about this before, but in the wake of Ms. Clark's announcement that she has appointed a new parliamentary secretary to the entitled, it is worth having another look at just how much we, the public, subsidize private schools every year in British Columbia.

Stephen Hui, of the GStraight, has extracted the numbers:

...Private schools in B.C. received almost $315 million in provincial funding for the 2013-14 academic year. That's up from $295 million in 2012-13 and $251 million in 2009-10...

And this faux argument that this subsidy helps take pressure of the public system doesn't wash with me.

Because until all those schools and all those facilities and all those resources, including the fancy-schmancy before and after school programs that we, the public, are helping to pay for are open to all of us (i.e. we, the public that are helping pay for them while our public system is being choked in the bathtub of the great Norquistian dream home)...




Bill said...

Hi Ross

None of Campbell's selfserving manipulations suprise me.

Campbell, Clark, their corporate sponsors and conflicted/friendly MSM can not help themselves. They seek power and profits only for their "family" not for the best interests of British Columbians. They are shameless and beyond redemption.

It is in the BC Liberal's make-up and self-serving actions. It is in their cold blood and twisted DNA, their self-serving lies, their broken/false promises, their smug and bullying actions, their blatant cover-ups and their creative accounting. It is their destructive record and sad history.

Too harsh? Maybe, only a few sound souls have been brave enough to have escaped their party. I think of only two elected Liberals that realised that in good conscience they could not continue to associate with the BC Liberal pack. Carole Taylor was smart, respectful, a class act. Despite a resonance with some Liberal positions, the cut throat nature of the their politics was too much in conflict for her good character. Barry Penner was also respectful and hard working (and rare for a BC Liberal - handicapped with some ethics. I think he left relieved to be rid of the "Family" mindset and is now able to again look himself in the mirror with fewer regrets.

Overall on any balance the BC Liberal party of the 21st century are outliers, off the scales of good governance and sadly BC has suffered greatly under their priorities and malguidance. End of rant!

With thanks for all your reasoned/enlightened posts.

Bill said...


Sorry Ross for the double comment above...and meant to be posted to your previous post. Too much rant (double posted), misplaced, misspelled etc... Not on drugs, maybe I should be.

sd said...

And just wait till they lose the case against the BCTF in the Canadian Supreme Court. They will claim the ONLY way to pay what they should have for the last 14 years is to slash programs and services that effect middle and low income citizens. I'm sure they would love to pit one group against another to blame for the cuts. They want the masses to look down to find the "problem" when we should all be looking up to those who are stealing our Province and our children's future. I would love to have a party or even a single candidate run on a platform of no tax money for religious or elite private schools.I would certainly actively support them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ross
Your anger is misplaced.
Many private school parents are not the blue chip, privileged you like to caricature, but hard-working blue collar stiffs tired of seeing their children held hostage by a school system that favors the privileged schools of North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the West End.
Private schools receive only 50% of public school funding and yet still must provide buildings, teachers and equipment.
Private school parents pay for education twice - once through taxes and then through tuition. They do so cheerfully and sacrificially.
Should all those private school kids be forced into the public school system, the cost to the school system would be hundreds of extra millions of dollars in salaries and buildings. Meaning even more taxation for every one of us.
Perhaps that's what you want - more money for the unionized hostage takers at the BCTF?

e.a.f. said...

the problem with private schools is they get to pick and choose who they admit. If these private schools are going to receive funding from the public, then they ought to be expected to accept their social responsibilities and be required to admit children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, children who have English as a second language, children who barely speak English and children who live below the poverty line. How will the admit children below the poverty line, well off a scholarship.

Right now the private system allows for "cherry picking" and the public system has to pick up the rest and be underfunded. Its starting to look a lot like the American system.

People need to remember the b.c. lieberals don't care about people living in poverty. B.C. has had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada pretty much every year since they came into office.

dan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Ross
Your anger is misplaced.

Sorry anonymous but your courage is misplaced.Actually better stated as none existent.

Anonymous said...

The BC rich get richer 1 Billion dollars giveaway annually.

translink /msp taxes anyone?

RossK said...


Again, if those schools and facilities and classrooms and programs were open to all I would be just fine with the massive subsidies.

Using your logic, I'm pretty sure you would be OK with subsidizing the Arbutus Club also. After all, they build facilities too, don't they?


RossK said...

No worries Bill--

Thanks for thoughtful comment...And the comments is the place for typing fast and playing sloppy Keith Moon drums!


cfvua said...

Had the dubious distinction of participating in one of Campbell's "advisory committees" back when they were the flavour of the month. All that was accomplished was the muzzling of the members as just enough information was given members to formulate advice that no outside the room discussion could take place. And no criticism from otherwise credible people, since they were on the committee. And most know that he was way above taking advice from common folk anyway and more interested in placing gems in the hands of his supporters.