Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gord's World....And The Quislings Shall Inherit The Earth.


By now you may have heard that Margaret MacMillan, she of Paris 1919 and a warden at Oxford, has quit the board of a little outfit called 'Canadian Studies In The United Kingdom', a story first broken by Jim Bronskill of the Canadian Press.

Actually it is Ms. MacMillan and three other academics who have quit.

And you may have even heard that this all has something to do with Canada's High Commissioner to Britain, Mr. Gordon Campbell.

But what you may not know is that what Mr. Campbell really did was take over the board by installing his own band of quislings so that he and his could run the show as he sees fit:

“It is also increasingly clear to me that the high commission intends effectively to take the foundation over and use its funds for the promotion of Canada’s interests as defined by it.” (said Ms. McMillan).


Quislings and lackeys running boards under the iron fist of the Big Boss to disastrous results?

Where have we seen Mr. Campbell do that before?



Now I remember....


(not that we're still paying for that disaster or anything).

Thanks to A. Reader for the tip....As It Happens has a little more....Interestingly the foundation was recently stripped of it's charitable status by the feds and there was some desire by some for it to take a more business-like approach to its research....Gosh...Is it possible that the uber-quisling in this one is actually the good Mr. Campbell himself?...Not that he's ever been a made man before or anything.



Anonymous said...

Shall we count the "legitimate" and "credible" journalists whose families have been employed by Liberals through Orders in Council and paid by taxpayers?

- Times Colonist writer Les Leyne's son Andrew was one. He worked for the Liberal caucus, then the Liberal Party and now for spin merchants and lobbyists Hill & Knowlton.

- Former CBC bureau chief Stephen Smart's wife was Christy Clark's deputy press secretary Rebecca Scott. Both are now employed in the Spin/Lobbying business: he at Citizen Relations, she at Global Public Affairs.

- Corus Radio political broadcaster Sean Leslie's wife Lisa is a Communications Director for the BC Liberal government.

- Black Press political writer Tom Fletcher is married to Kate Trotter, a Public Affair Officer for the BC Liberal Government.

Other political journalists hire themselves out as speech-makers, often appearing before business groups interested in their coverage. Are there more political reporters who might be perceived as having potential conflicts? It's not easy to know because none make voluntary disclosures of relationships that might be problematic.

Another interesting connection is between the provincial Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser and his son, John Paul Fraser who is a highly paid Deputy Minister in the Liberal Government.

The question we might consider: Is our political world so small that numerous connections are inevitable or is there a pattern of behaviour here whereby the government insulates itself from bothersome criticism? - See more at:

Anonymous said...

caveat emptor
bait and switch?

Anonymous said...