Sunday, February 08, 2015

Translink Referendum Shuffle...The Bonfire Of The Flack-Hackeries.


Yesterday I threw up a post about how the flack-hackeries will be the only real winners as the 'plebiscite' lumbers along to it's media-marinated (and manipulated) conclusion four months from now.

Well, the flack-hackeries and a provincial government that refuses to actually, you know, govern.

Anyway, at the end of said post I was waxing snarkoleptic when I wrote the following:

...With all the flacking and hacking set to go on from now until the end of May, intensifying as the focus groups and the endless super-secret polling products slice and dice the citizenry into ever smaller interest group shavings that can be swayed by silly string stuff like spending more money to purellize all those terrible germs on all those even more terrible transit station handrails and/or saving more money by cutting the wasteful, entitled bus driver practice of heading to the washroom between between trips...



Someone sent me...



Is it possible that curiosity really did kill that Kerouac cat?

And ya, you guessed it, the good Mr. Bateman and friends are paying for one of those flack-hackeries mentioned above.



North Van's Grumps said...

They found 562 species of bacteria, ranging from disturbing (traces of dead anthrax organisms) to strange (Lactococcus lactis, found in mozzarella cheese).

Hygiene Requirement when Handling Seafood:

The Mouth, Nose and Throat (page 6 of 10)

Large numbers of bacteria are present in the mouth and dental plaque can contain as many as 100,000 million bacteria /gm. Brushing teeth regularly prevents a build up of plaque and reduces the degree of contamination that might be transmitted to a food product if an employee gets saliva on the hands or sneezes.Up to 40% of the adult population can carry Staphylococcus aureus in their nasal cavities. etc......

Un-Masking Christy Clark's Trade Missions to Asia

e.a.f. said...

gee and there was a state senator in Tennesse, U.S.A., who thought food servers should be able to opt out of handwashing regulations because, you know it was an infringement on freedom. All the restaurant would have to do is put up a sign to that effect.

So now we know where we are headed. Perhaps some of the B.C. liebeals could get a room with that senator in Tennesee. They may find they have a lot in common.

Lew said...

Quote from the NY Post article:
“But most was harmless to humans — and even licking a subway pole would probably be safe, lead researcher Christopher Mason told The Post. ‘I’m actually more confident riding the subway now than I was before the study. A subway pole is no different than your kitchen table or any other surface,’ he said.”

How long will it be before our photo-op queen is featured licking a pole in a SkyTrain car?

Anonymous said...

What lack of democracy looks like in BC