Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Letter Tune For America, No. 4


Like many of the true pilgrims that went to Memphis yesterday we, too, are home now.

The image above was taken looking into the fog from our favourite North Coast California motel on the trip back.

Funny how much of all the craziness that is really the Excited States is held at bay when you don't watch the TeeVee or read the real papers while traveling.

So much so that after a couple of weeks you tend to reach a bit of a state of grace.

Pretty sure that will all be gone by the weekend.

If not sooner.

Thirty-nine years the King has been gone...Which is the same age my Grandma always told me she was pretty much right up until the day she knitted me 'The Sweater'.



Lenin's Ghost said...

People should have a month every year to relax and enjoy their lives. To realize how good life can be and reevaluate things and make changes if necessary. A time to get their brains calm and sort their shit out.

RossK said...


Agree completely about the need for that 'time to relax' thing.

Except that my mind does not calm down. Instead, it jumps around all over the place, which is a whole lot of fun given that most of the time I spend at least 90% of my time thinking hard about only three or four things.

It's a weird conundrum because you need focussed hard thinking to be good at anything and you need the jump around brain to find new and interesting things...Obviously, I guess the key is to make sure you make time to do both (which is not something I'm very good at doing).

Anyway...Been home three days and I think I'm pretty much back in the old usual grooves but I do have a few new thoughts that I've resolved to try and follow up on as part of the attempt to 'sort sh*t out'.

Except...Yesterday one of the kids in the lab sent me this which slapped me up the side of the head with the realization that it's once again time to knuckle down and get going given that a field we helped to start in one tumor type a while back is exploding all around us in all kinds of indications.

Which, ultimately, is both a good and scary thing, I guess.

How's that for a late Friday afternoon/late in the summer science geek digressive ramble!

(good for all the right reasons as the thing you are working on becomes more clinically relevant, not to mention the validation that you were right about something in the first place, but also scary when folks all over the world start working on the same thing given that there are no silver medals for being second in science geek world)


Anonymous said...

I like the photo of the 50's style "motor inn". We look for those types of places when we travel in the US too. More often than not, they are dog-friendly. Our favorite in that category is the Lewis and Clark in Bozeman Montana.

RossK said...



And the rooms are usually big.

And the people running/working the place actually have a stake in it.

This one is the 'Curly Redwood' in Crescent City California...Old but spotless.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Agree, Ross. Part of the relaxing phase is letting the brain dance about and soak up new stuff

astrom47 said...

Great tune, thank you.
I must make a comment about your last post about Berkeley California. I spent a summer there taking a PHYSICS COURSE at UC Berkley and having a lot of fun.
There were many concerts that I attended and they were great. One of them was the night before my final exam, so I was a little tired for my final but it all worked out. Lots of fun! Berkley is a great place to visit. It is a very vibrant community.

RossK said...


Agreed. There really is a pulse to the place.

Many pulses actually.


One thing that was interesting this visit is that our friends with young adult children told us that all the cool kids are moving to Oakland, not because they don't want to be in Berkeley but rather because they can't afford to live there. Sound familiar?