Monday, August 22, 2016

My Morning Ride...

Sunflowers and construction everywhere this morning; getting across Cambie in the high 20's was a nightmare.

But for the first time in quite awhile it was cool enough to wear long sleeves.

And then, somewhere on the Pt. Grey plateau I saw a chestnut on the road.

And when I looked around there a bunch of leaves around also.

Summer's almost over.

Which makes sense, I guess, given that I have to teach later this week.

And if it comes back in October (summer, I mean), I'm sure the Clarkandian's climate inaction plan will take care of everything.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Ross

I hope you and the brood had a wonderful time, but it's good to have you back on the right side of the 49th...I missed my morning Gazeteer fix!

I think you misunderstood Christie...everything is going to be just tickety-boo by 2050!


RossK said...

Sorry to keep you Jonesing in the morning Mike.

Will do my best to rectify (although pretty busy the next couple of weeks).

As for that 2050 date...Doesn't Seth Klein reckon that the Clarklandians actual non-plan would make it possible to increase total emissions by then?


Danneau said...

Yes, welcome back, and hope it's shaping up to be a good year with lots of research and not too much grant-writing. I enjoyed the letters and tunes from your time in the southern reaches, and assume that you'll have no trouble finding tidbits for gazetteering through the shit-storm that's gathering. By this time next year, there need to be some serious changes of direction and attitude, or it'll have to be the drinks that are stiff rather than the upper lip.

e.a.f. said...

loved the picture of the sun flowers.

welcome back.

saw the first B.C. Lieberal election commercial last evening. There she was in all her loveliness, powder blue jacket, with a family of Asian voters waxing on how jobs are important so people have money to spend to keep the economy going.

Not a word about money for the disabled, children on below the poverty line, a raise in welfare rates, more doctors and speciality nurses. No just another photo op for Christy. Guess they are going with the pastels for her now. It just looked all so nice and friendly, the lying piece of compost. Oh, well let me go back and look at the sun flowers I'll feel better again.