Thursday, August 04, 2016

Letter Tune From America, No. 2


We're down in northern California now.

Out on the coast, at the southern end of Mendocino county.

Today it was swimming with littler e', first up the river because of the coastal morning fog and then in ocean waves after the sun broke through later in the afternoon.

And this evening it was Bigger E. and me at maybe the most fun and inclusive open mic I've ever been to (not that I'm really an expert or anything) at a fantastic little bar called 'The 215 Main' in Point Arena, CA.

It sure is a hard knock life being the father of two kids who want to do so much fun stuff with, uh...

...Their own Dad.


This is an old one,  originally done for our old friend and compatriot in Bloggodoming Ian Reid...



Lenin's Ghost said...

Cherish these days, Ross. Glad you are having a great holiday!

Danneau said...

Nice tune, well covered. Great to see that the eE Brigade has the good sense to see an extraordinary family relationship for what it is. What comes around...thanks for taking a moment of precious holiday time to share.

Willy said...

As the Dad of 2 young men, I still get great pleasure spending time with my boys. Fishing, golfing(ish) or just talking with them and the pride I feel in my offspring is the best thing about being a father. Good on ya Ross.

RossK said...

Thanks all--

Just amazing to me that it can still be so much fun (for them) when they're pretty much all grown up.