Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...How Many YouTube Plays Is One Bus Pass Worth?


According to the Province's Mikey Mike (and his 'sources'), our fine Premier has spent about a million dollars on photo-ops since taking office. 

Which, at $52 a pop would be almost 20,000 bus passes for the disabled.


What's the Clarklandian justification for all this.


...“Video and photos support and highlight government announcements and priorities,” the government said in a statement, adding the government has generated more than one million YouTube views...


Doing the reverse math that means that each bus pass for the disabled is also worth about 52 YouTube views.

Ironically, a quick perusal of the sixty most recent Clarklandian YouTube videos posted over the last two months suggests that each of them is worth between one and three bus passes.


Because nobody watches these silly things.

More specifically, only one of those sixty videos actually has more than 300 views. And the one winner chronicles the photo-op where Ms. Clark announced her Dipper-driven limited hangout on real estate tax policy which, by the way, is now worth about 260 bus passes.


Of course, that $52 dollar number is made-up by the Clarklandians...It could have been five dollars...Or ten...Or 75...Interestingly, Lindsay Kines of the VTC quoted the Minister responsible for the trashing of disabled people as saying that the clawback is a policy that is creating 'fairness'....Seriously.



Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could develop a printer that could take these youtube clips of Cristys and put them on toilet paper. That way there would be a use for them at the end of it all. I could surely wipe my a$$ on her face. After all, all we see is her shit eating grin.

Bill said...

Hi Ross

Looks like given the Hail Christy YouTube advertorials and visit numbers posted... that this here F-Troop blog of yours Ross is trending numbers that put the BC Libs taxpayer funded propaganda machine productions and results to shame. Their failure and your success truly a good thing!

The value and attraction of your analysis, collaboration and inquisition... no question trump Christy and her Pirates and their treacle puff and fluff.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that the number of views on YouTube is so low. It's hard to imagine anyone waking up in the morning and thinking "I wonder what's trending on YouTube from the BC government today".

J MacDuff said...

It is not the idiot YouTube stuff that frightens me. It is the shoveling of advertising dollars to large media outlets such as Global TV. Of 4 ads in the am news 2 are government. The most insulting is the Super Natural BC, BC vista with some pseudo psychological bullshit about nothing. The other is just Christy talking down to the little people who need McJobs to keep BC number 1 in economies across Canada. And by the way, you can't compare BC to other provinces, unless you are the Liberals. The whole thing is simply paying off the media. Disgusting but not surprising.

North Van's Grumps said...

@ RossK Are you doing a double blind study to see who uses your first link?:

“Video and photos support and highlight government announcements and priorities,” the government said in a statement, adding the government has generated more than one million YouTube views

Lulymay said...

I don't know why they think they have to bother with all this You Tube nonsense when they have Glo-ball TV doing all their speaking points for them. Anyone who has ever accidentally tuned in to Glo-ball know they have no shame, ethics or professionalism. (Likewise local newspapers)

Lew said...

“Video and photos support and highlight government announcements and priorities.”

Christy Clark and her cabinet ministers live for the announcements themselves, which are the government’s priorities; no matter what is being announced. They’ll spend weeks arranging travel, a signed podium, and a group of stooges to stand alongside or in the background as Christy or one of her hapless cabinet members announces plans for a new manhole cover. Whether it’s the fourth time plans have been announced or whether it will ever actually be installed is immaterial. The announcement is the goal.

And since three hundred or so public engagement parasites are standing around looking for some way to fill every day on our dime, and conventional wisdom within the ranks of the BC Liberals is that the citizens of BC are too obtuse to understand a press release or government announcement unless it’s done in pictures (still form or moving), we get to keep up with Christy on an expensive carnivalesque travelogue. That’s if we want to, as most of us apparently do not.

The place to announce, debate, and measure government priorities is in the Legislature; not on YouTube. We elect Members to the Legislative Assembly; notwithstanding the BC Liberals’ disdain for the place.

Beth said...

Perhaps a you tube video on why Liberal MLA Pat Pimm was arrested

Stephen said...

The Keef would say that you should not be surprised, whether it is climate change policy, and that we are fools for expecting something different, and that he will gladly point this out to you as journalism.

e.a.f. said...

photo ops make Christy happy. the name of the game is keep Christy happy. an unhappy Christy can be a very ugly thing.

So now we have all these people toiling away to keep Christy happy and her face out front. Youtube, thought that was the tube of last resort when you can't get on real t.v., well perhaps to keep Christy happy they need to have media orifice full of Christy.

Come to think of it, its all about Christy. I do think there is a name for that, oh right starts with nar. think they say Trump has the same thing.

Its more important for Christy to get her juverdermed up face out there than for the disabled to get to their doctor appointments, friends, etc. All hail Christy, the ugly politician, with no soul or sense of right or wrong. All hail Christy, the clown premier who needs an extra $50K but the disabled can have $908 per month to live on and the working poor have the lowest min. wage in Canada. All Christy, the creep who photo bombed B.C.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT about Youtube.

The videos are base material for the spring campaign season.

What are the odds that BC taxpayers are funding a videographer whose work ends up in partisan ads?

Somebody should FOI all the raw footage.

e.a.f. said...

it would be easy to check, Christy has a videographer while she travels all the time. That is why Christy can't take commercial flights, she always has other people with her. the RCMP body guard, video guy and some one else. The videographer's name maybe over on Norm Farrell's sight. He went with Christy to China and on his return home he tweeted, something along the lines of, 'just the right amount of crazy he needed',. He tweeted it a second time also, after another foreign flight with Christy. You do have to wonder why he really meant by it.

of course all those videos are going to be used for B.C. LIeberal ads.