Monday, August 01, 2016

Letter Tunes From America.


We have left Canada for two weeks in the Excited States.

We are currently in Southern Oregon, Ashland, where they have the summer Shakespeare festival, to be more precise.

The only federal election signs we have seen so far have been for he who would be king.

Don't know about you, but when I leave Canuckistan, I sometimes think of this tune...

Subheader?...Longtime reader and musical-guy-of-all-trades Don F. sold me on a little multitrack Zoom recorder that I invested in and use all the time (although rarely taking advantage of all the tracks which would probably improve the guitar sounds if I did.



Anonymous said...

I love Ashland!!! a beautiful little jewel of a place everyone should go to Ashland at least once to take in the Shakespear festival ... and to see how they preserve their beautiful old homes and promote their local shops and other business's it is a truly unique place, when I was there Ashland had a no corporations in their town so no McDonalds or other fast food ventures, there was a burger place just before you got to the city limits on the north side of town but that was the last one everything in the town had to be run by the locals...
have great trip and thanks for all your work on the blog

RossK said...

Completely agree about Ashland Anon!

In fact we love it so much that this summer we could only schedule it on a Monday when there are no plays (the troupe gets one night a week off) and we went anyway.

We had a fantastic time.

Now, on Tuesday night, we are at our friends' place on the Mendocino coast in Northern California (another great place).


Kim said...

Mel Hurtig has passed away.

RossK said...

Really sad to hear that Kim.

A truly fine Canadian.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Yeah. Mel was a good dude!

RossK said...


In more than just a Big Lebowski kind of way.