Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I Watched Them Try To Hack My Site Three Times Last Month...

Ergo, it must have been instigated by a group of those very fine digital influencers from the Clarklandian Klout Klub.


Word Salad!

And, somehow, I doubt Laila feels like joking about this....Which has me wondering if, perhaps, the MLA from (not)Quilchena was actually jump starting a wee bit of innoculatory deflector-spike spin.
Oh, and in case you missed it....The Word Salad 'Reader' has been launched! 
Update: And, right on schedule, here comes the drive-by double-down smear straight outta BCL party headquarters...



Anonymous said...

It wasn't long ago I made a comment to Merv at, by suggesting that John Horgan should do what Christy does a lot of.... make a comment to create media attention and then just say ooops.... I was or the info I got was wrong. BC voters are quick to forgive and forget.
Clark has made a lot of comments over the years, especially when visiting small town Tom Fletcher territory and he's quick to give those false comments the headlines those readers notice. By the time those statements are questioned, it's old news and usually buried by the media.
John could talk about the $400 increase in ICBC coming in 2017 or that BC Hydro will soon declare bankruptcy.
There's plenty of headlines he could create and then say the info from the Liberals was wrong.
All people will be talking about tomorrow is how the NDP hacked the Liberal computers and they warned us that “The NDP has said it’s going to be the ugliest, dirtiest campaign that we’ve ever had,” Clark told Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer"
It was Bill Bennett who said that. By Saturday no one will remember that Christy Clark was WRONG....... AGAIN.

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

Its alternative facts. You know just like Trump. some times I think the man took lessons from Christy Clark.

You know an election is coming, Cadieux actually commented this time when the Child Advocate spoke about the young man who jumped out the window while in care, killing himself. Yes, and we the tax payers were paying the care giver for the young man EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS ($8,000.00) PER MONTH. This license to print money and taking advantage of the children in care has to stop. This young man and the previous child, a young woman, both had been sexually assaulted while in care by care givers. What the hell is the matter with the B.C. Lieberals. Oh, well like most neglectful parents they are too busy living their lives and in Christy's case, its raising money from private sources and then raking in her split.

The NDP only has to tell the truth in this election to remind voters what happened to their tax dollars and how many kids died in care. if the voters of this province continue to return the B.C. Lieberals to office they too will be complicit in the deaths.
If any one on this blog treated their children the way some of the children in care are treated, we'd be in jail. If we treated our pets like this, we'd have them removed and be fined or perhaps in jail. Killing a pet or letting it die makes the news big time and the public howls for changes. yet when a child dies in the care of the ministry, it just get buried on the back page of the newspaper. No investigations by the press, No calling Christy and Cadieux out on it, just let it all slide and Christy dances off to her next soiree. When will enough money be enough for that woman? when is she going to start doing her job? when is she going to ensure children in care of the ministry don't keep dying in the manner they do? This province has a $2B surplus so she says, well I guess they got in on the backs and lives of some of the disabled and children in this province.

Now that it is close to election time I suspect there will be more than one progressive blogger getting hacked. Harvey O., Keeping It Real, has a post up about corporate media wants federal government money to keep the "doors open". Yes, as if they Province and Sun aren't getting enough provincial money via all the ads.

Good luck and do hope the blog doesn't get hacked. its good reading.

Grant G said...

No hacked BC Liberal website....No hack, no nothing, their own people placed a link on their site..that link revealed people's private information...

Rather than tell those people who had their privacy breached....Hey, oops, sorry, it was a mistake..

BC Liberals claimed a hack as some sort of defense to screwing up..

You telling me a hacker hacked information on BC Lib website, then the hacker took the information he/she got and placed it under a link called uploads??????

No hack, BC Liberals couldn't take responsibility for their webmaster's mistakes, the party blamed a hacker and...

Christy Clark planted both feet firmly in her mouth by again saying it was the NDP...

One more time..There was no hack of BC Liberal website..PERIOD..

Christy Clark accused John Horgan of a crime that never happened..


Grant G said...

Now Christy Clark is blaming Mike Smyth...

And this is so funny, the BC Liberal party is saying a attempted hack came from a BC Legislature computer...???

Why thee ??? because the BC Legislature is not in session..

You know Ross K..when you find yourself in a deep hole..stop digging!

RossK said...

Clearly it was a two-fisted double-downing attempt at deflector-spike spin to turn attention away from the initial 'mistake' on their own site and to get the MCFD story off the front pages...

Guess which fist has completely suckered the local proMedia punditry?


Anonymous said...

...and last week...

"Several of the New Democratic Party’s political anxieties were placed on the public record Thursday, thanks to a leaked copy of the planning document for Opposition leader John Horgan’s promise to increase the carbon tax starting in 2020.

The “not for circulation draft” of the NDP communications plan was obtained by the B.C. Liberals and released to the news media 90 minutes before the Opposition party’s own news conference on the subject."

Anonymous said...

If the NDP told the truth that BC HYdro is bankrupt and will cost the taxpayer dearly.
If the NDP says that BC Ferries is being bled to balance the books.
If the NDP says that we have to reduce our carbon footprint to help reduce global warming ..
They will lose the friggen election because bad news does not sell.
Clark can win again with false claims of job creation and LNG etc.
The voter is gullible.
The BC voter has been so dumbed down in part because of the lack of alternative media they will take the low hanging fruit anytime.


RossK said...


And thus the 'innoculatory' portion of the deflector-spike spin.


Thanks for the insight TB.

In many ways, it's hard to disagree with you.

Grant G said...

@ TB..."lack of alternative media" ...

Are you kidding me...Tyee..Ross K..Laila..Bob Mackin...Integrity BC...National Observer..Schreck..Straight Goods..Norm Farrell..

Perhaps you meant to say the MSM hasn't done their job..

That is achanging, and it doesn't matter..

Because now, as in the present, ..those who go online to pay a bill, look up a phone number, a cake recipe..

The people are finding the alternative/truthful media voices..

If one google Site C...or bad news for BC LNG..or BC Children's Ministry..or Christy Clark scandal..

Those who google will find the government spin cycle, they will also find Farrell...Yuile..Ross K..Tyee...Straight Goods..and so many others..and the MSM..

Those so-called low information voters are becoming scarce....

And you can thank the alternative media for reducing the low information voter count..


North Van's Grumps said...

The BC Liberals have $12 million to spend on advertising; Good News for CBC's bottom line

RossK said...


Think, perhaps, TB meant proMedia with an alternative POV.



Point taken, although I think that likely means more to the bottomline of nonMoCo proMedia organ grinder monkeys.


Wren said...

Hey RossK!

For goodness' sake, go get a Google Analytics account and attach it to the blog, and start getting some real data!

It's really easy these days, just go with the defaults. The only work is copying & pasting your code. DM me on Twitter if you want a specific tip about that.

One of the reasons you may be targetted is because anyone can tell you don't have analytics attached and so can have no evidence. So getting them can be preventive, even if you never look at the data.

RossK said...

Me no care...

I used to track, made me lever pusher.

Had to stop.


RossK said...

But thanks for the advice...much appreciated regardless.


Wren said...

Appreciate your plight! but would then urge you to ask spouse, offspring to get account on your behalf. Maybe offspring because they'd be further removed/less accessible. Insurance never bad.

e.a.f. said...

OMG,. Wren, please don't involve the wife and/or kids. the kids are great musicians and need to keep playing. We need some beauty in our lives. (one looks adorable dancing)

Wren, you must be old if you're asking some one's spousal unit to do some of the work. Like no way. Spousal unit has enough work to do living their own life, and then there are the labodoodles, who are a full time job and then the part time job are the cats.

RossK said...

Wren and eaf--

My kids actually like mucking under hoods, I think (and if I started a podcast they might actually listen to me).

Wren makes a good point because hooking up the minutiae gathering machine does offer tracking protection if something should 'happen'.