Friday, February 24, 2017

This Day In Clarkland...Does The Klout Klub Have New Marching Orders?


In the old days they called it 'media monitoring', both inside and outside the PAB-Bottery.

More recently, they've called the army of flack-hackery 'digital influencers'.

Me, I like to call them the 'Klout Klub'.

Anyway, I've detected a bit of change in approach by at least one regiment of the Trolls for Christy when it comes to matters of import that they know they don't have a leg to stand on.

One of which is the continued rise of inequality in this province that some folks are actually starting to pay attention to.

Charlie Smith wrote a story about all that recently in the GStraight and then tied it to the massive profits of banks who have donated huge sums to the BC Liberal Party and who, surprise!, pay no corporate capital tax in British Columbia.

And lo and behold, look how one the trolls dealt with this in the comments to Mr. Smith's piece:

Do you see what the troll did there?

Maybe just a random instance in this case, but I see some kind of weird culture war deflector spin offensive coming, particularly when the going gets tough for the Clarklandian wizardry on real debt loads and the continued stomping of those amongst us who need our help most.


And, speaking of the sub-header to this post....

Here's an old school example of straight-up (not to mention downright scary) manipulative media monitoring from the days of Railgate:

...Defence lawyer Michael Bolton underscored the political nature of Mr. Basi's job and the "intimate" working relationship he had with (former BC Liberal Finance Minister) Mr. (Gary) Collins by reading wiretap transcripts in which the two men discussed political dirty tricks.

In one conversation, Mr. Basi tells his boss that former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm and then North Vancouver Mayor Barbara Sharp were going to be on a radio talk show.

"I wanted to have the mayor of Squamish call in and just rip Barbara Sharp a new asshole. . . is that okay?" Mr. Basi asks.

"Yeah, absolutely," replies Mr. Collins...

Want another example of how everything new is Railgate again?....Stay tuned...



North Van's Grumps said...

The latest, 50 minutes ago, from science geek:

Booker Johnson
Chris Keam Which things exist that can't be seen? And, again, I dealt with the issue of microscopic things. Cells, for example, we use a lense and focus the light and we can see them. For even smaller things, we have

But in the end, there are our five senses, and some apparatus that amplifies some sort of repeatable stimulus. So, we put the slide on the microscope with a blood sample, and every time we see cells. We put substance X into the x-ray crystalography machine, and substace X always puts out pattern Y, which we can see. "White privilege" is another matter entirely.

White males are the most taxed, and therefore the most oppressed group in the world. A quantitative model of oppression will demand the conclusion that those who have force applied to them, in order to take their possessions and give them to others, are the most oppressed people, they are slaves.

No slave class is ever freed without a fight, and those who benefit from the enslavement of a minority always want to keep it enslaved.

If white men weren't tax slaves, who would pay the taxes?

Anonymous said...

Bank usury tomfoolery?

Sub-Boreal said...

My paranoid fantasies:

Desperate to salvage her increasingly dim chances of re-election, Rachel Notley will do anything to help get the Kinder Morgan project substantially underway before the next AB election. So she needs to get Christy re-elected, and if this takes knifing the BC NDP in the back, so be it.

Watch for it: during the BC campaign, Clark and Notley will announce a power sale agreement under which AB will take most or all of the Site C output. This solves three problems for them: (1) Site C will finally have some kind of justification, (2) Notley will have a feasible means of making good on her promise to phase out coal-fired generation, and (3) Horgan, who had promised to put Site C in front of the BCUC, gets kneecapped.

But of course this won't save Notley. Her 2015 win was a lucky fluke, and once the PCs and Wildrose sort themselves out, her 4 years will be noted by future AB historians as an interesting outlier.

North Van's Grumps said...

If Alberta takes all of the Site C output, what happens if Site C output needs ARE really required by BC for the LNG industry? or the expected One Million more residents that BC Hydro is talking about

Anonymous said...

Is BC suppressed by a religious cult-like political correctness

Anonymous said...


A B C ... 1 2 3

I wonder what BC's ABCs look like?

Opposition parties strangely quiet as Alberta Finance Minister stops the ABC Sector gravy train

Being a conservative in opposition apparently turns what your Mama taught you on its head: If you can’t say anything bad, don’t say anything at all!

That would be one explanation for the spooky silence from Alberta’s Wildrose Opposition and the usual suspects on the right about Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s announcement Friday he was pulling the plug on millions in pay and perks for executives at 23 Alberta agencies, boards and commissions – part of the so-called ABC Sector.


Alberta Workers Compensation Board CEO Guy Kerr will see his pay shrink from almost $900,000 a year to just under $400,000. Alberta Energy Regulator CEO Jim Ellis’s pay will fall from more than $720,000 a year to about $400,000.

As for the taxpayer bankrolled golf club memberships, housing allowances, “retention bonuses,” “market modifiers” and “performance bonuses” – they’ll all be gone. Severance pay will be capped at one year.

Anonymous said...

Victims of the terrible question..."What If". It is apparent that the B.C.Liberals, "have " to be turfed this election. The question is,how and by whom? What if...John Horgan were to launch a Law and Order type campaign a la Trump style. Based on the "hawkish republican party banter", the needs of the many "could indeed" outweigh the needs of the few,(at the top). The whole equation has to be twisted around to convince the masses, that yes the NDP can be a viable alternative.
The packaging needs to change and a paint job applied to Christy and her supporters, of corruption, malfeasance, arrogance and an expired best before date.
can this happen...quite possibly, but only with a party willing to do just about anything to gain power. i'm not sure the NDP is up to this level of political hardball.

Anonymous said...

BC reducing red tape as to have commercial and personal self regulation regardless of consequence?
Red tape put in place for a reason in the first place.

Anonymous said...

New bots working in B.C. and around the world. Check out AggregateIQ here in B.C. and Robert Mercers Cambridge Analytica.

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons why Imperial Rome declined, but two primary causes that get relatively little attention are moral decay and soaring wealth inequality. The two are of course intimately connected: once the morals of the ruling Elites degrade, the status quo seeks to mask its self-serving rot behind high-minded "virtue-signaling" appeals to past glories and cost-free idealism.

Anonymous said...