Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Set...For A Non-Family Weekend Sunday


There was nobody around our house Sunday afternoon...

So I figured what the heckfire and recorded another one of these.

Just like the old days.....

Here's the list of tunes covered, in between the blather, this time out:

Fare Thee Well - that traditional tune that formed the musical spine of that Coen Brothers movie that was kinda/sorta about Dave Van Ronk.

Codeine - A tune that Jason Isbell wrote before he got his life back with a little help from his friends.

Cheap Is How I Feel - By the Cowboy Junkies, one of Mr. Isbell's famous friend's favourite bands when he was kid 

A Shot In The Arm - A Wilco tune; if you listen to the preamble you may come to understand the roots of my Tweedy envy.

Dope City Blues - Lyrics by Mr. Beer 'N Hockey.



Bill said...

Appreciated listening to your Sunday Set this early Monday morning Ross.

Thanks as always - and yes it would be good time now for Beer and Sonia to take a new dog into their lives. I think The Hammer would want that for them (and the adoptee would too).

RossK said...

I guess that would make it Monday morning comin' down...

Or some such almost, but not-quite, KKristoferrsonian-type thing.

Thanks Bill!


Anonymous said...

But what of ICBS and BS Hydro come april 1st ?

RossK said...



I'll get back to that in the next day or two.