Friday, February 17, 2017

This Election In Clarkland...Has Ron Stumbled Upon The Obvious Strategy?


Mr. Mason, of the Globe, wrote a piece on the state of play in Clarkland earlier this week that went pretty much every which way but loose.

This paragraph caught my admittedly jaundiced eye:

...Once a climate-action leader, the B.C. government has become an embarrassing slacker, with no chance of reaching its short-, mid- or long-term emission-reduction targets. The Liberals continue to live off the reputation of a carbon tax courageously brought in by former premier Gordon Campbell 10 years ago. The current iteration of his party has shown no such proclivity for that level of political gumption...


I'm pretty sure that Mr. Mason thinks that this policy/not policy change* is a Clarklandian liability unlike, say, the fact that Ms. Clark is also treating everybody all the citizens of this province who aren't a potential pay-to-play grift targets like the fellaheen, which is something obvious in the extreme that Mr. Mason failed to seriously discuss in his column.

But, then again, what if this policy/not policy change* is actually a cynical, politically expedient election strate(r)gy cooked up by the ever present backroom wizards running Ms. Clark's never ending campaign.

I mean, think about it, what political faction do they need to give just enough buoyancy to ensure a split in the progressive vote that would ensure a victory even if they were to sink down into the high thirties?

Which is all fine and good (or bad, depending on your perspective), as far as it goes.

But what if Mr. Weaver's Liberal-Lite Brigade actually starts be viewed that way by the so-called 'reasonable' folks in that faux big tent that GordCo Inc. built?

*Regarding that original 'courageous' policy brought in by Mr. Campbell, does anyone who has truly been paying attention not think that that, too, was actually election campaign expediency at its finest that was rolled out in the wake of that spring of 2009 plane ride over IPP rape-of-river plane ride that upset the Club members stomachs so much?
And the return of Mr. Emerson?....Really???!!!....I mean it's like Vichy all over again....And/or the last days of Mr. Harper and Mr. Carson's disco....Gosh...Is it possible we're getting ready to give away all our remaining first growth forest to Beijing while simultaneously shoveling tree farm licenses to paid-in-full developers out the back door?



Anonymous said...

Does this tax have an effect on the corporate stakeholders in our current governance? You betcha it does. Interesting how the phrase "political strategy" can be used to coerce, the faithful to accept party backroom policy making. An article in the Thee, makes the same point with LNG. It appears to one economist that LNG, the highly touted, BC Liberal, "political strategy" may have been nothing more than a ruse to get elected. Sure you can "dumb down" the sheeple and offer their own money to them, promise the moon, jobs GDP growth, or whatever political "lie" you choose to use, but in the end, if it affects the donors list, or "gravy train" for the backroom boys and supporters, its bad news.
The "lies" that currently run rampant in our so called "sham" democracy, will eventually bring about its downfall. One here's the term "lying politician" or corrupt political system, more and more these days. How long till the pendulum swings? Political strategy, alternative truths, mis- truths, or out right lying all invoke the same thought..."corruption".
We the silent majority, need a reset switch, a method of removing this entire concept of "deceit" from our democracy.
Only then will any type of democratic growth or progress be made.

Anonymous said...

Correction....the Tyee.

Grant G said...

David Emerson profited from Smart Meters..

Like a bad dream(nightmare) David Emerson returns

e.a.f. said...

if voters are dumb enough to vote for Weaver and wind up with another 4 years of children dying at the hands of the B.C. Lieberals, then this province will get what it deserves. Its just that the children who die don't deserve to die.

A vote for the B.C. Greens is a vote for the B.C. Lieberals.

The U.S.A. may have Trump, but B.C. and that is just as bad. Given Christy was in office first one could say Trump just borrowed her play book.

Surprised they didn't give the job to el gordo. Surely he might have wanted the extra pay. Wonder why Emerson? Oh, right did he go to one of the pay to play soirees? Some of us would like to know.

Anonymous said...

Well Ross, I wonder if the BC Liberals think the era of Mr. Emerson's duplicity has been forgotten. Certainly his time as CEO of Canfor enlightened him to ways of exploiting the public commons. In my days in the forest industry I watched as companies constantly disputed log scaling quality and values until the Socreds, after a series of cheating by forest companies, turned the scaling process over to those same companies. I watched as forest companies offset their stumpage fees for road building, even though that road building was solely to access timber for their own operations. Those roads were supposed to be decommissioned and destroyed after the operations, but in many cases that did not happen. I watched foreign forest companies, primarily American, make sure their operations did not make a profit thus avoiding income taxes. To do this, they made sure Canadian Mills were charged world prices for the logs delivered to their mills. If that was not sufficient to operating at a loss, they would charge administrative fees to put them in that position.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Greens, like everybody else, are doing their damnedest to cover as much political middle ground as possible. Do not think they have any growing to from the NDP side of things. Do think they have crap loads of room for growth from the Liberal/Conservative side. Clark appears to be under a LOT of pressure. The sort of pressure looking at the Big Picture and not liking what it looks like will bring.

Anonymous said...

From above:
"if voters are dumb enough to vote for Weaver and wind up with"

How can you even question that?
They are, just as in the previous number of elections, a majority will fall back on the BC Libs, better the devil you know. Not just dumb enough, but the BC Libs are taking very good care of their friends, the wealthy, getting wealthier (particularly certain races, put it that way). Add to that the constant attack/fear adds that will be showing up shortly, a few have already started, and what do we have, a repeat of the same old, same old brainwash of the BC voter. Added with the strategy to split the vote by voting for greens. Plus they are no doubt thinking right now what to crush Horgan with about 2 weeks before the election/wedge issue, something he said/did - the media will jump all over it, and more attack adds repeated every few minutes on radio/TV. The BC voter will say, oh no, what choice do I have now? By now the BC Libs must be sitting back in comfy chairs leading to this election, yawn, yawn, this will be easy - they say - we know exactly how this will play out from beginning to end.


North Van's Grumps said...

Elections British Columbia
Meeting of the Election Advisory Committee

1995 to 2014 2015 2016


October 17, 2016, Minutes of the Election Advisory Committee Meeting

Discussion Questions:

Can candidates post a photo of themselves wearing their party colours on General Voting Day?

Yes, this would be allowable and would not be election advertising, as long as there is no cost to post the content.

Page 3 of 8

Anonymous said...

These Are Times Of General Corruption in BC

Anonymous said...

It is time to vote for the BC NDP. The have the best environmental policy.
Check "Sustainable BC" on their see it.