Thursday, February 09, 2017

Phantom Hackwatch 3000...Local Lotuslandian proMedia Scorecard.


MikeyMike: Gets force-fed goods initially...Then realizes he has been duped so writes 2nd column which is actually kinda/sorta solid...But in the end doesn't fully recognize self being used as Judith Miller-style cut-out by CClark...
Score: +5

Ron Obvious: Solid and sustained tweet storming actually catches BC Liberal party hack by short hairs on chinny chin chin....
Score: +20

Keef: As ever, plays it straight-up along 'He Said/She Said' party lines for the cameras while simultaneously sniping away with weak tea comments from the sidelines....Not really even in game...
Score: -5

The Dean: Pathetic SnapFace 'Live-At-My-Apollo'  (aka 'Kraftwerk Friendlyville') interview that gives CClark a complete pass on this (and just about every other) subject...
Score: -Infinity

Meanwhile, no one in the Club is bothering to call out our Premier's initial attempt at MCFD-disappearing deflector-spike spin for what it really was....For that you'll have to go read Merv Adey's latest...



Bill said...

The Premier (and Chief Troll) of British Columbia Christy Clark really has doubled down on her ongoing and always nasty political war games.

Trumpian delusion and inflated ego are Clark's only defense from reality. Clarki in 'defusion' mode brazenly and blithely now speaks for all BC citizens attempting more deflection - that this is all just passing fluff and throws up that 'people' just do not really care at all about this political party to party stuff. Sorry Ms Clark, only in your self obsessed sparkly smile.

Again Ms Clark, you show your serial arrogance and disrespect for all BC citizens. We want honest, caring and competent government, not corrupt, incompetent, and self interested maurading. We are fed up with you and your bullying sand box gang of Pirates.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea and that NDP file handed to BCL on a silver plate a few days ago?

Dont forget,the non local, Dan Levin.

North Van's Grumps said...


The link above is NOT Dan Levin nor anything else to do with BC Liberals

RossK said...


It would appear that the New Word Salad Reader (TM) now also applies to links.

(will be interesting to see if this 'But the NDP made us hack them' triple-down thing becomes the latest strate(r)gy)


dan said...

From the CKNW article;

“I am not spending a whole lot of time thinking about that. British Columbians don’t, aren’t really interested in all this inside baseball about what political parties do to each other.”

One and only one British Columbian initially brought this up.

Anonymous said...


Tweet via Jane Doe @ausername

shane woodford

Here is the interview with Premier @christyclarkbc as she climbs down from accusing the @bcndp of hacking. #bcpoli

Anonymous said...


The Conway Method:

Stephen SmartVerified account

@christyclarkbc says she jumped to same conclusion as others given knowledge that hack attempt on @bcliberals came from computer at #bcleg
The Daily Show's Michelle Wolf, shows how the nasty sausage is made, Kellyanne unscrambled:

go to 9:30

e.a.f. said...

Christy clark took a gamble and may have won. She retracted, so no law suit and not much attention was paid to the report on the death of the young man.

When Trump was casting about how to get elected, he might just have taken his lesson from Christy Clark. As I've asked before and will again. what is the difference between Trump and Christy Clark? Ya I know, not much

Anonymous said...


@ e.a.f.

They are similar in that the press hung on their every word, and pandered to them for their 'celebrity' and connections.

Where they diverge, is that a chastened media, has turned on Vice President Trump, and is getting better ratings as he dissolves into the abyss.

'Sad' Christy, on the other hand, is in a lacklustre, dead, arranged marriage of convenience, with an unenthusiastic bought press. Her gloss has faded.

Delta Dawn what's that flower you've got on...

Anonymous said...

I just saw Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation say we can't do anything to 'move the needle' on climate change, so we should just give up and move on to other things.

This was after saying to The Keef that CC messed up this week, but we should ignore it and concentrate on the important policy issues.

Anonymous said...

investigated like Healthcare firings vaporware.?

Anonymous said...

"The B.C. government hired a Liberal party staffer into a supposedly non-partisan communications post, only to allow her to return to party organizing less than a month into the job.

Kirsten Hamilton was hired in January as an events coordinator in the government’s communications wing, after a three-year stint as events planner for the B.C. Liberal party.

On Wednesday — four weeks into her taxpayer-paid gig — Hamilton’s managers allowed her to take a day off work so she could return to her old party position and volunteer to help organize a noon-hour B.C. Liberal press conference in downtown Victoria, where Premier Christy Clark unveiled her Vancouver Island candidates in a campaign-style rally.

Technically, it’s allowed under the government’s rules.

Yet it highlights the long-standing and ethically dubious guidelines around how partisan staffers can do party work while also holding jobs paid for by the public dime."

- Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun

One wonders if CC could be classified as a "partisan staffer" doing party work while she was being paid $1,000 weekly by the BC Liberal party?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, a majority of BC voters ,after being bombarded by tax payer ads and photo ops, only seem to recognize Christy Clarks name without knowing any details or connecting the name to any scandals when they vote on election day. Misinformation, spin, deflection, and maintaining power at all costs occupies most of Clark's daily agenda.Self promotion and constant campaigning is the core of her method of governing, not the interest of citizens.

e.a.f. said...

A/ at 9:19 a.m. Back in the day they had a saying in Hollywood, I don't care what they say about me, just make sure they spell my name right.

Scotty on Denman said...

Christy has apologized. So sincerely she left it on John Horgan's voicemail. I'm hoping John presses ahead on the ground that he hasn't received a real apology. From what I heard of it, she reminded John "we all jump to conclusions from time to time [parenthetically implying he really should apologize to her, as well]."

Some apology. But the real news here is that the NDP has finally landed a left hook deftly floated in behind her searching right jab---something that never happen in the last campaign---confirming the one of the two things Christy and the BC Liberals fear the most: an opponent who's not afraid to mix it up. Finally we get to see how light the prancing majorette really is.

The second thing the BC Liberals dread is the fact that, unlike last time when there was at least the plausibility that Christy would improve once she'd gotten her own mandate, she comes into this campaign an unmitigated disappointment---the prancing majorette persona is actually the whole package, a cheerleader, not a premier.

The gloves are on, Christy, let's see you spin that baton now!