Tuesday, July 25, 2017

But Who Let The Voters Be Played For Saps Over LNG?


Petronas' Port Edward LNG deal is now deader than dead.


Woodfibre, and it's sweetheart dealios from Darth Vader and company, may be the only one left.

With all that in mind Rod Mickleburgh makes an important point on the Twittmachine:

My comeback question is in the header, above, re: the Enablers.

Personally, I think we already know the answer.


Follow up question for Lotuslandian proMedia club members...Will you let codswallop like this stand also?



Chuckstraight said...

I want the trillion $ as promised by Pam Martin.

RossK said...


Sorry man.

Ms. Martin has taken the elevator to the floor labelled 'All your Sparkle Ponies have flown the coop'.

Or some such thing.


Grant G said...

The Straight Goods....sorry to toot...Grant G wrote the story on Petronas 2 1/2 years ago...




Chuckstraight said...

Ross- But Pam said it was gonna be a Bonanza. I feel very let down. Brings back memories of BCRIC shares. Bennett Jr claimed they were gonna be worth something some day. Odd how some themes show up over time.

North Van's Grumps said...

Blog Borg Collective....sorry to toot... NVG wrote the story on Gold Bcric 4 years ago...


RossK said...

NVG and Grant G--

Toot away!



At least with the BRIC shares we got the paper which, of course, turned out to be worth much more than what was printed on it.


I think the real thing to watch here is whether or not the local proMedia lets the usual suspects get away with trying to paint the 'cancellation' as the NDP's fault.

So far, Richard Zussman of the MoCo is pushing back pretty hard.


Keith E. said...

A week into the new government, the LNG announcement follows on the heels of the announcement that ICBC is a mess. Funny how that works.

Want to take a guess on the next announcement will be. Hydro?

RossK said...


Very funny, indeed.

And not in a good way.


Crankypants said...

The Global news types must have gotten the memo from their BC Liberal masters. They have been playing the NDP fault card on their evening newscasts. They also keep referring to the $36 billion investment while both the CBC and Globe and Mail are sticking to $11 billion in their reports.