Friday, July 28, 2017

That Norway Thing.


As Norm Farrell points out, a government that does its best to make sure the public also benefits from resource extraction is likely the thing that really scares the beejebuz out of the cronies and the BCL wizards they pay for:

Meanwhile, the local Club has bought the codswallop of the PNWLNG deflector spikey spin hook line and MikeyMike stinker.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cannot overestimate how much better I feel about the change of direction and focus our province is making. And I would here like to express appreciation to the three Greens elected (and their many supporters province wide) for their success and application of the power of the same. Do not foresee such a thing in the near future, however I might wish for it, but a patch over is very much in order.

RossK said...

I'm with you Beer!


Anonymous said...

Parsing the NDP blame game on LNG
- by Martyn Brown, The Georgia Straight

Anuar Taib, the PNW LNG board chair, stressed that the decision to cancel the project had absolutely nothing to do with the new NDP government.

As the Star reported, “when asked whether the election of the NDP played any role in the decision, Taib gave an unequivocal no.”

“We don’t take that into consideration,” he said, also emphasizing that the company looks forward to working with the NDP in developing its other natural gas assets in B.C.

Rather, it was “the extremely challenging environment brought about by the prolonged depressed prices and shifts in the energy industry [that] have led us to this decision,” according to Taib.

Anonymous said...

Bill Tieleman reminds us what the true BC Liberal insiders think of the big bad 90's NDP vs. their SoCred & BC Lib bookends.

Rather than accept the BC Liberal perpetual propaganda line, the Council representing the province’s largest companies did the research, comparing B.C.’s economy in the 1980s when the Social Credit Party ruled; the 1990s under the BC NDP; and the 2000s with the BC Liberals in power.

And their study from 2012 found that far from a “dismal decade,” the economy under the BC NDP did significantly better than their right-wing opponents on several important measures.

When added to the BC Liberals’ recent massive increase in the province’s debt despite campaigning in the 2013 election for a “debt free BC,” it makes now ex-premier Christy Clark and her crew less than credible critics.

RossK said...


The Campbell gov't's invention 'The Progress Board' came to a similar conclusion.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), it was one of the first things the Clark gov't got rid of.