Wednesday, July 26, 2017

We Should All Hope For What Merv Is Hoping For.


Merv Adey, who is both tough and fair, is one of the best of all the regular folks around here that pay attention and comment on goings on in BC politics.

In his most recent post Merv mentioned his hopes for our new provincial government:

...The new government has a huge job just to govern well and roll back some of the worst decisions of the Clark government.

My one hope is that the BCUC review of Site C proves once and for all to those outside the choir what a bad idea spending $9-12 Billion or more on an unneeded source of energy is.

And I hope in the course of RCMP investigations and audits, rocks are overturned that embarrass Baldrey and Fletcher and Palmer into an admission that for the past six years something large has been very wrong in the administration of government by Christy Clark… The willingness of these gentlemen to gloss over and excuse the service of the corporate interest over the public interest has real consequences. These are seen in homeless counts, in the opioid crisis, in the decline of revenue to government from extraction industries who ship more value over time while sustaining us less….and many other places. 

Here’s to a long lasting GreeNDP government mixing good public policy with the exposure over time of the reasons everything needs fixing. Here’s to the end of big money controlling public policy . So many things...

Tough to argue with any of that, eh?


In the same post Merv also mentioned that, for health reasons, he is going to take a break from blogging for a bit.

Personally, I'm counting the days 'till his next blockbuster post.

In the meantime, he's still dishing it out on the Twittmachine.

Merv, as the slightly older than kid kids (who are not spending all their time on the gram-o-chatty cathy thingies) like to say...A really good follow. 




sd said...

Right on Merv! Investigations and audits are a must.

Anonymous said...


Merv is the Clint Eastwood of bloggers... he doesn't say more than is necessary, but when does speak, he has the deep power of the righteous and the reasonable.

RossK said...



Except 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' Clint....Not sad old guy yelling at an empty chair Clint.