Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Phony #BCPoli Severance War...Things The Dean Does Not Tell You.


Despite a most misleading headline that reads like it was written by the CTF, Rob Shaw wrote a balanced quick hit about the initial de-cronification efforts of the new provincial government in the VSun yesterday:

VICTORIA — The new NDP government’s transition to power cost taxpayers $11.3 million in severance packages for fired Liberal political staffers...


...In 2001, when the B.C. Liberals transitioned in to power after defeating the NDP, the severance bill was $9 million, which, adjusted for inflation, puts it slightly higher than the amount spent by the NDP...

Interestingly, when Mr. Shaw announced his piece on the Twittmachine, the Dean of the Legislative Press Club replied thusly:

Funnily enough, Mr. Palmer did not mention, or even allude to, the following (courtesy IntegrityBC):


Please note: The numbers, above, in the purple box are just for routine Crony-To-Crony, year over-year severances during the post-GordCo time of Clarklandia...In addition, that $22million, plus does not include  cronification upgrades at CrownCorps and/or PublicAgencies. 
Update: Norm Farrell has more....Much more.



North Van's Grumps said...

Don't know why but everyone seems to have forgotten the firing/hirings of Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark when she became Premier: #2.4 million to pay off El Gordo's.

Anonymous said...

ICBC is reportedly in deep doggie do
and the BC Liberals are blaming the NDP.
! W ! T ! F !

Liberals attack NDP over ICBC following report leak
NDP must come clean about plans for ICBC, Liberal Opposition demands - Rob Shaw

Anonymous said...

Mount Polley Deadline Looms

Residents near the site of the burst tailings pond at the Mount Polley mine in British Columbia are becoming anxious that an investigation into the incident has yet to be completed, while the deadline to lay provincial charges looms.

Is it for Attorney General David Eby, or BC's Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development Doug Donaldson to lay charges?

RossK said...

WTF's all round, indeed.

Me, I'm waiting for the dismissed cronies and wizards who hate government 'handouts' so much (especially when they go to our fellow citizens that need our help most) to turn down their severances.

Especially the six figure ones.


Anonymous said...

more Mount Polley...

In another brief email Clark’s then director of communications Ben Chin said he had spoken to “Jas” about impending TV news coverage of the spill. The reference, following earlier emails on Global TV’s coverage, appears to refer to Jas Johal, then a Global reporter.

“Just finished talking to Jas... it’s just a heads up, not an interview request. He tells me the pictures at 6 will be very graphic. Imperial should get out in front,” Chin wrote.

Johal left journalism weeks later to work in communications for the BC LNG alliance. He was elected as a Liberal MLA for Richmond-Queensborough in May’s provincial election.

Three-year-old FOI request reveals early belief laws broken and co-ordination with mine owner. - by Jeremy J. Nuttall, The Tyee

Less than 2 weeks left before the charge deadline passes - time to turn up the heat.

Lew said...

Allan Seckel ($550,000), Martyn Brown ($416,000)), Graham Whitmarsh ($461,643), Don Fast ($406,246), Cairine MacDonald ($406,246), and many others were all put out to pasture with a full nose bag by Christy Clark for no cause. I don’t recall Vaughn Palmer calling their terminations “hits”, nor his coming to their defence with risible descriptors like “apolitical”, “highly qualified”, or “headhunted” as he’s done with Jessica McDonald. Nor has he offered any detailed explanation of why he thinks Christy was justified in wielding an axe but John Horgan should use a duster.

Mr. Palmer must be attempting to shoulder his way in front of Keef for the Club lead in brazen bias.

Anonymous said...


…and then there are the bumbling bureaucrats who created deep harm to others… who in their stealthy leave-taking were uncharacteristic. …They cost us money too, as it is we, who settle with their victims

…Some have managed to fly under the radar to pop up elsewhere…one wonders if they learned anything.

Stephen said...

Quasimodo as I prefer to call The Dean I think is being the knight in shining armour to Jessica. A little over the top and irrational for such an objective and contained man.

Ed Seedhouse said...

Note the language of the tweet. Not a dismissal or a firing, but a "hit". Taken literally this is an accusation of murder. From the oh so impartial and bipartisan Dean no less. And of course it will be laughed off as a mere harmless exaggeration if called. "Don't you lefties have a sense of humour?" will be the lede on that no doubt.

KFB said...

All of these Lieberal toadies that were sent down the road should have had a security outfit, along with TV cameras, go their place of employment and had them frog marched out to the street to show they were fired.
They all should have been forced to sue if they thought they had any severance coming. The real a-holes should have had a transfer to a higher position...say Watson Lake to count vehicle traffic or some other important project just to see if they would show up for work.

That would have given the MSM something to really foam at the mouth about.

RossK said...



Do you think it might be possible that the Dean could be swayed (and/or 'swooned') by some good ol' fashioned in-houseified ad copy?


Anonymous said...


I have been slogging it out in the hellish heat in my vegetable garden watering withering plants, and tying up pooped out tomatoes that have been flopping over…so this is not verbatim:

CBC's Cross Country Check-Up is asking people for their experiences during the wildfires. There was no clarification that the NDP has only been in power mere days…leaving the impression that THIS Government is somehow responsible…then, and this is why I am back here commenting, someone mentioned something about John Horgan, my ears perked up to pay attention…then Duncan McCue invited the Premier to call…

We all know Christy wouldn't have been overlooked on such a program. She would have been rapid-firing her nostrums and platitudes ad naseum..


Lulymay said...

The "Dean"???? I think that nomenclature is a huge insult to those who earned their title of "Dean" honestly without having their snout up the hind end of some pretty insignifant political whores!

Let's just reflect back to the days of the "Young Liberals" that spent their time at Simon Fraser University. Most of them migrated to government jobs in Victoria, many as policy analysts in key ministries with the intent of burying the current NDP government.

I was there when Gordo was expecting to be Premier and ended up in Opposition. All those young bucks from SFU whose primary education was on politic, migrated to government jobs, and were there to work primarily on behalf of Gordo, not the taxpayers that paid their wages, and certainly not for the NDP government.

Gordo's primary interest and focus was Aboriginal Affairs, Lands, Environment, Finance as well as the opposite sex.

It was no secret that many of these SFU alumni as well as others, were there to feed Gordo whatever he could feed to his friends at Glo-ball, the Sun, Province and Black Press.

Many of the government employees were richly rewarded once he came to power, including assistant deputy ministers, policy and financial analysts. Jessica McDonald was just one of many -- its just that she was one of the more high profile that saw the benefit of catering to Gordo.

I could expand further, but you get what I mean!

Anonymous said...

The last thing BClibs want is for Palmer/Baldry etc to move on?
jaz 2 step?

Anonymous said...

BCLibs 16 years of governing for profit.? And yet add 34 billion dollars of debt in 16 short years!