Thursday, July 27, 2017

Former Shock Jock Speaks Truth To Stupid.


It would appear that a local proMedia member just burned his Club membership:

Turns out that...

Despite the fact that he has been doing some good work on CKNW for awhile now, I have been sitting on the fence when it comes to Mr. Drex.

Mostly because I had a hard time getting past the fact that he was involved in this.

My waffling however was turned to vegemite sandwiching with the tweet above.


What's the 'house' thing all about Alfie?....Take it away Uncle Bob.
There is a Club?....You bet there is.



sgp said...

I suppose it was rather rude for Drex to ask the MILF question with Christy, she could have respected her position as a premier and cut him off at the knees, but she played the game and ended up looking like a cheap ****.

I listened to him and Andrew Wilkinson - Wilkinson started out as a condescending know it all and Drex and Steel exposed him.

Maybe between Drex and Jon McComb CKNW will be worth listening to again.

Anonymous said...


Tyrannosaurus Drex.


Anonymous said...

o/t something worth pointing out

How B.C. Liberal outsourcing made government more opaque
- by Dermod Travis, The Georgia Straight

Lulymay said...

So the BC Liebs "outsourced" works that were the responsibility of government ministry staff, gave them all sorts of so-called start up funds courtesy of the taxpayer, which these same organizations promptly donated a big chunk of taxpayer cash BACK to the BC Lieberal Party coffers? Did I read/understand that correctly? Does this not sound like a giant ponzi, money laundering scheme?

I think we need a few NOT bought and paid for lawyers on this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lulymay, your is time for a full blown corruption inquiry. Truly would be in the provinces and indeed the taxpayers best interests.