Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It is a Martini Thing

Victoria, British Columbia
48° 39' North; 123° 26' West

In our previous post we suggested, tongue in cheek, that soon to be former Provincial Budget Puppeteer Gary Collins might be expected to 'bring home the Federal Airline Equalization Bacon' for his new company, Harmony Airlines.

Paul Willcocks, as usual, has the deeper story, and if he's right we may not have been that far off the mark after all:

"......(Harmony) owner David Ho has his sights set on a much bigger prize. He wants Harmony to win the right, along with Air Canada, to fly into China, targeting several booming cities.

That will require a major effort in lobbying the federal government. Collins, with good federal Liberal ties and support from the B.C. government, is a good choice to make that happen...."

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