Friday, December 10, 2004

They Only Slime Those They Fear Most

Oxycontinville, FLA
25° 48' North; 80° 18' West

No matter what happens, Jeremy Hinzman and the other 5,000 resisters that have already fled the Twig's Death March will have to live with the legal consequences of their actions.

But dealing with rational legal issues is a lot different than staring down the Re-Thug Slime Machine. And in Hinzman's case, he is now being crapped on by Rush Limbaugh which, come to think of it, should probably be considered a badge of honour.

One American serviceman who has not bailed out had this to say about the hypocrite hooked on hillbilly heroin recently:

"Sir, I am no hero. I am in a support billet, but I have dedicated the better part of my life to serving my country. If you remove his politics from the argument, you are left with an admitted serial drug abuser whose family and moral values are reflected in his three failed marriages. Remove his politics and you are left with a man who couldn't serve his country at a time of war because of a pimple on his ass. This is not the kind of man that should be spewing his slanted political dogma to our brave men and woman in uniform."

(thanks to Hairy Fish for the link)
Update: You know, somebody should keep track of all the codswallop the Re-Thug Media Slime Machine serves up so that it can be fact-checked and then used to de-toxify the swirling sycophantic cesspool that has sucked so many, even those with good intentions, into its vortex. Oh wait a second, somebody already does that, and they're very good at it.

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