Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Just What Kind of People Are We Dealing With Anyway?

Victoria, B.C.
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Regarding our last bit on personal experience of the malfeasance at the Ministry of Child and Family Development, as usual David Schreck has the bigger picture story on the fiscal/social policy hypocrisy of the SS Gordon Campbell:

"Shortly after Black Thursday, January 17, 2002, Collins said that he was committed to restructuring government. In other words, regardless of the financial details, the Campbell government wanted to shift the tax burden to lower income earners and to cut government services. They went beyond that by not only shifting taxes and cutting services but also by privatizing crown corporations and core government services."

Now, if you happen to be a Kool-Aid gulper this is where you tuck your well-read copy of today's National Post under your left arm while you simultaneously pound your right fist on the keyboard and exclaim "but don't these commies get it...slashing and burning bloated social programs is the ONLY way we can dig our province out of the hole. Haven't they heard of trickle-down, greed-is-good economics!"

But what if the cuts just kept coming after privatization, rising commodities prices, and a federal equalization swindle had already filled the public purse with our own money?

Again from Schreck:

"What kind of government does it take to cut $70 million more from Children and Family Development while sitting on a $2 billion surplus?"

New Era indeed.

Just don't get sick. And whatever you do, don't get poor.

Because if you do you won't be one of the few thousand who are lucky enough to be among the newly-minted nouveau riche.

Instead, you will be one of the millions who will be once again and always be screwed.

Unless, of course, we start fighting, right now, to get our Province back.

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