Thursday, December 16, 2004

Three Dots In the Fountain

Boxed Compass
All The Lats And Longs That Fit

"...I drove in, I didn't truly constitute it as parking.
I left the car running, I ran in, I dropped something off.
I got in my car and came back...."

...B.C. Lieberal BackBencher
Sheila 'I've Got Bad Knees Like Bobby' Orr denying everything after being caught, again, parking in a handicapped spot at the Legislature on Deny, Deny at Have You Had Enough Yet.


March2004: Surrey-Whalley MLA Elayne Brenzinger resigned from caucus and blasted Campbell in a news release, only to disappear and not make herself available to the news media. The hottest part of the story was an admission by caucus whip Kevin Krueger that MLAs were routinely suspended from caucus but who, when and what for is kept secret.

....Just one month of David Shreck's The Year of Living Scandalously at Strategic Thoughts.


OAKLAND PARK, Fla. - Four people paralyzed by botulism were injected with large doses of a raw, unapproved botulinum toxin that someone at their anti-wrinkle treatment clinic bought from a California laboratory, federal documents show.

The suspended doctor who administered the shots, Bach McComb, used the material as if it were lower-strength Botox, a derivative of botulinum toxin..... McComb and his girlfriend are among the four people who remain hospitalized after getting the shots.....'s a toxin! It's botulism! It paralyzes you! Stop injecting it in your face!


From the 'How Evil Is The Empire?' Dept.......Word has it that FOX News and the Clear Channel Radio Hegemony have teamed up to bludgeon reason to death every hour on the hour. But Clear Channel CEO John Hogan says there's nothing to worry about because:

"We don't have a political agenda.
What we have is an agenda to get the greatest number of listeners for the longest period of time."

Which, of course, is kind of like Joseph Gobbels saying that his only motivation in life was to increase market share.


"SUVs are like Etch-a-Sketches. They only do straight lines.
Furthermore, they roll over more easily and tend to kill their drivers.
I wonder what the cellphone therapist says at a time like that."

Heather Mallick taking on the "Ozone-Depletion Is Good For You" lobby at the Rabble Columnist page.


Half A Canuck Ross Thomas (no RossRelation) was at his kid's Christmas concert recently and decided he just had to describe the experience:

"I believe "like hell, only cute" captures it pretty well. It was like being raped by a kitten.... My personal favorite was "The Twelve Months of Christmas." At least, I think that's what it was called. It sure felt like it."

Wow! That's some imagery, captures all the power and the glory pretty well I figure.


And finally for everybody out there that is wondering....why the heck do we do this anyway?

"As social creatures, we really do dread being left alone. You think our citizenship in Blogstonia is a desire to avoid people? Right, go ahead, don't show any interest in your hit counts. Seriously, go ahead."

Rook Ranting, again. Can't remember exactly what it was about now, but it was a good one.

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